iPhone 7 and 7 Plus review

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The new iPhone 7 looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6, but it’s one of the most powerful and opinionated phones Apple has ever shipped. The cameras are better, the performance is phenomenal, iOS10 is excellent, they’re water resistant, and they start at 32GB. And the batteries last longer. But yes, Apple killed the headphone jack, and that means you might want to hold off on upgrading this year.

Filmed on location at SHoP Architects and St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club

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  • Syazwan Koay

    What kind of review is this? Why need to compare iPhone 7 to a bomb disguise as a phone Samsung phones? Dont let me start to go in details on the copycat Sameshit still design from apple 😤

  • Musoterus alba

    I Wish I Have That :'(

  • noel martinez

    I have the iPhone 7 plus 256 GB it's a beast and I've noticed that it was way faster than my iPhone 6s plus my camera is sick and the battery is nice I was a Samsung s7 edge user but I didnt like the battery it was weak so I switched to the iPhone 6s plus then went to the iPhone 7 plus big difference I paid 1100 but it was was way worth the money

  • Lukas Liesis

    My iPhone 7 plus was stolen. 1000eur lost and Apple doesn't care. Not sure why a random criminal can turn the phone OFF without touch id and why Apple doesn't make sim card removal from the interface so it would not be possible to take it out by the random criminal. Just add some option "Change SIM" and sim would pop out. Can't unlock phone = can't remove sim. Simple. Basic. Secure. Want to turn off the phone – confirm with touch id. Simple. Basic. Secure. Just a software update. Lost mode or "find my phone" doesn't help at all when the phone is turned off or sim removed. Police told me that there are many like me. Start talking about these basic security steps of our phones and maybe Apple and other companies will take a note and make those basic upgrades to make us all a lot more secure. If Android will make it and Apple won't I will definitely buy Android. For now, i will better stick with some cheaper phone, just not to take attention of criminals again.

  • Lulu Derpz

    I feel like I'm the only one who still has an iphone 5 .-. I NEED THIS

  • Lauren Amanda

    If i had a 6s i wouldnt upgrade because its not necessary but i neeeeed an jpgrade so looking for an iphone 7

  • Daniel Graziani

    Just a question: the iPhone 7 Plus records better videos or makes just "better" images?

  • Sasha Smith

    I overy have my iPhone 7 plus is amazing I enjoy everything I loved the shape camera i loved it I pay $969 dollars

  • Aditya Salunke

    Side note Honor 8 is a very underrated phone

  • Silver Chrome

    What's next!!!

    No Lightning port

  • DebloqueriPhone

    Awesome review about the iPhone 7, great !

  • Bobby Jindal 2016

    The iphone 7 home button is amazing very good tech