iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

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This is my camera review of the iPhone 7 Plus.
With wide aperture of f/1.8, OIS and the dual lenses, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is better than any of the previous generation iPhones.
Check out the video for lot of image and video samples, and my thoughts about this camera.

Gear that I use: https://kit.com/tecworkz/my-setup

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  • Arnav Aggarwal

    Great video though

  • Arnav Aggarwal

    Hey man where do you live?

  • suraj hebbar

    The camera tricks and the way u edit the video is just out of the world amazing bro… appreciate ur work

  • Mujtaba Ul Haqe

    I proud of you because you are indian and i am also a 🇮🇳

  • Sushant –

    informative video 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Pablo Goscha

    how to turn off the camera shutter sound in ios 10.1?

  • Kadour Kanjo

    keep going bro

  • Sagar Gorinta

    you're indian right.

  • TechySaubhagya

    Hello Sagar,
    Great review of the camera of iPhone 7 and 7 +.
    I have some questions if u can pls answer them
    1)Very curious to know that how do u make the mobile phones vertically stand in slider shots.????
    2)Which fluid head u use???
    3)i'M ALSO RUNNING A YOUTUBE channel since last 2 months i have been very active on the channel.
    i bought a canon eos 80d and using the 18-55mm kit along with it.
    but the video results i achieve are not very promising…What to do and what settings to go for ???
    4) Hows the income from your tech channel???
    5) Do u get sponsored content or phones for review or review units?
    6)Any other tip regarding the channel will be a WELCOME….!!!!!!!!

    Please try to answer my queries .

  • Siddhant Sahoo

    Why don't you try sony xperia xz????

  • TechDevoted

    0:42 😍

  • Vishu Chakradhari

    The Samples Shots are Amazing ! Sagar Jadhav