iPhone 7 Plus Review: 5 Important Things to Know!

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Here is my specialized review of the iPhone 7 Plus where I get into the nitty gritty about some important features!
Thank you to http://www.braintreepayments.com/erica for making content creation possible!


Ericka you so pretty T says:

Ericka so sexy

HumanityIs TheBest says:

How To get the same wallpaper like yours

Ohad Raps says:

cuttos for apple for correctly calibrating their displays! so underappreciated in these samasung amoled days, where colorful means oversaturated crap

Stitch Lee says:

Really like your videos about tech Erica! They're all so informative and your opinion seems to be fair! Doesn't mind the long length at all, enjoyed every detail you included

Karl Hvarregaard Mose says:

The reason why I always come back to this channel: The long, detailed and fleshed out reviews. None of the usual 5 minute Build Quality -> Specs -> Camera -> done, instead, if there's a slight tint in the color calibration of the screen, we'll get to know about it. It's clear that your reviews come from actual experience. Keep on doing what you do, it's a gift to those of us who's anxious about buying a phone 🙂

Evan Klink says:

I don't know, she seems like she knows what she is talking about and this is coming from me who definitely knows what I am talking about. The iPhone 7 plus is a great phone

Harkirat Khehra says:

which Color Should I Buy 🤔🤔

Ygor Cortes says:

What would you call THE best calibrated mobile display? I'm quite curious!

Putra Putra says:

iPhone best
Samsung is the best

TwerkingTacoGaming says:

Headphone jack isn't a problem for me, I'm all Bluetooth. Even my car is Bluetooth with a USB plug. This phone is perfect for me, this is the future

SuperEthing says:

Hi Erica,
How did you manage to buy all these phones? For the past three years I'm trying my level best buy one iPhone, still today I celebrate my failure.
So would you please let me know about it.

Daniel Litz says:

My iphone 7 plus jet black 128 gig has a 1440p resolution.

Jokker says:

Erica, you are underrated.

FeaR FuZiioN says:

Here is what is funny to me when ever there is a iPhone video all these android drones come to advertise there Lagdroids like we don't care about your phone just let the iPhone video be an iPhone video…

Nathan Ritchie says:

Never had to much heat even when playing a lot of games.

Chino's Corner says:

What's your major?
-me: iPhone geek

Diogo Verardi says:

This video contains a lot of helpeful informarmation about the smartphone, Great video, tks..

Mohamad Al Masri says:

hey there which display you prepare Quad HD Super AMOLED display or IPS retina display?

Alexandru M says:

You complain for nothing…

Alexandru M says:

girl… you gonna have to buy a Bluetooth headset and that's it !….

Ricelle Rodrigues says:

Best review I've seen!

Chris Maldonado says:

Im in love with you!!!!!!

Jose Pescadores says:

Erica, thank you so much …. ( cant make up my mind with the mate9 )

Trash Can says:

Are your hands small or is that phone big? Looking at my 7 plus, it's not that large.

Viktor Ritter says:

Amaled 🙂👎

Bruceolee says:

I love spotting Christians "in the wild" meaning on youtube. Great Review and enjoy the 2 bible verses on your mantel.

analytyx says:

Lol apple replaced my phone after water damage

Tumain Denes says:

did I hear you correctly, did you say that model overheats after heavy usage?

Tech Stuff says:

Mine doesn't have coilwhine and it doesn't get hot 🙂 guess i am lucky

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