iPhone 7 Plus Review: Get This One

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For three generations Apple has released a “Plus” version of its iconic iPhone, and the iPhone 7 Plus lives up to that supersized subtitle better than ever. With an upgraded display, camera and battery, this is the new iPhone you should buy … if you’ve got the hands (and the wallet) for it.




MrMobile’s iPhone 7 Plus Review was published after nine days with a retail iPhone 7 Plus handset (256GB, Black) purchased from Apple and used on T-Mobile US in New York City, Newport RI, and Greater Boston, MA. The device was paired to an Apple Watch Series 2 for the duration of testing and received one software update during the review process.


Apple iPhone 7 in Black

Apple iPhone 7 Plus in Black

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iMore’s deep dive on the iPhone 7 Plus camera was very helpful during the preparation of this review. Learn more here: http://www.imore.com/iphone-7-plus-telephoto-wont-shoot-low-light-situations


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Dubday” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:




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Amit Borkar says:

Mr Mobile & Flossy Carter are the only 2 reviews one would ever need to make a decision.

Gustavo Carr says:

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PeopleFrogs says:

I wish Apple would say "Fuck It"
and give the iPhone a
Better processor
4,000mah battery
2k screen
8gb of RAM
Full metal body like the old HTC's
fingerprint sensor behind the logo
Customizable home screen
Headphone jack
wireless charging
Front facing speakers
IR blaster

P.s Just imagine it

Shane Horne says:

My huawei p9 makes that hissing noise so I'd think I'd notice

Shane Horne says:

I have both the iPhone 7s and mine don't his

Shane Horne says:

I have the s7 and iPhone 7 plus and my iPhone takes way better pictures then the galaxy

Shane Horne says:

iPhone is the brightest screen on any phone

Shane Horne says:

The galaxy note 7 had 500 nits and the 7 plus has got 625 nits so

Travis Kenyon says:

My recent purchase of an apple iPhone 7plus has surely made me happy, I love the camera and had zero software issues along with the infamous "hiss" has not even been noticed at all, I can't kill the battery in a single day even trying nearly my best while watching lots of mr.mobile on YouTube and it continues to run smooth as the day I opened it. I love my apple! 😀

Marjorie says:

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aman mehra says:

so i should buy iphone 7 128gb or 7 plus 32gb as i music and video with games and sometimes picture with rare videos…

Bollywood & Hollywood & Tollywood says:

I love Iphone 7 plus dual camera so gorgeous

Vrushabh PRATHAMSHETTY says:

Good Review…….

Abdelmajid Elabbassi says:

The iPhone dream, good job MrMobile

kaustav roy says:

i love your videos…
and tbh, i never used an iPhone

Veronica says:

Friends Check Your Luck And Get Iphone 7 For Free From Here https://vk.com/wall422559246_13

Jörgen Nilsson says:

Until i did test the phone did i think that it did use the telephoto lens all the time in 2x.
But its only in good light. Else the wide with 2 zoom.

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