iPhone 7 Review 2 Weeks Later – It’s OK

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►The new iPhone 7 has a lot of great features, but it has ONE major flaw imo. Find out what that is!
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This video was sponsored by Evolutive Labs, opinions are my own.

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Erik Vasquez says:

I barely got mine yesterday

Boots N Pants says:

your voice is pretty annoying…..

Vinay S says:

Need 5.1 inch iphone sooner

Vlogamer 7777 says:

Who wins Samsung like, iPhone comment

ansh singh says:

Did any mark hi there

30 kg says:

iPhone is shit according to me … I don't know why I hate it

Michael Hart says:

currently like this work mighyjly lot

Andrew Leary says:

jared can you please watch your mouth profanity language inappropriate

Adrian Vlogs says:

low battery thooo.

kenniikalonji says:

man look at the bezel on that monitor lol

Keyon Black says:

Have u seen the Iphone 7ss Iphone 7 square

José Dossou says:

Your video is very clean !! what material and camera are you using ?

enginesnblades says:

Ugh. I want to throw up every time I hear an iPhone criticism met with "oh yeah, well Samsung…" Let's be real. Samsung for Android is what the plebs use. Throwing out that argument just makes the iPhone look like a pleb phone.

UnitedRecording says:

Apple is so far behind. Why can't they include anything we want? For Christ sake it's had the same this design for the past 3 years and the same OS look. I am done with Apple until they start stepping up their game.

Matthew Hall says:

You leaked your email address at 3:12

Jacob Lopez says:

Anyone know where to get an iphone 7 that is like 18-20 dollars a month? I really want this phone but I don't want my mom to pay a lot of money

Daniel Pisano says:

I've got a 4s. Should i upgrade to the 6s or 7?

Abe Lincoln says:

that lag tho lol

William Tarr says:

I found the battery life sucked

Lockie Brown says:

iPhone 7 is way clearer and better with everything

Fredrik Johansson says:

finaly, a review thats honest and dosen suck up to apple, thank u:-)
alot of other reviewers might as well get down on there knees in front of Tim Cook, pull down his pants and get to work.

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