iPhone 7 Review: Beyond The Boring

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For another year running, the new iPhone is a lot like the old iPhone. In looks, in functionality, in its very essence, the iPhone 7 is a device of old ideas, repackaged: the water resistance, the little conveniences, even the assassination of the noble headphone jack … none of it is truly *new* to the smartphone world. But Apple (as always) is less about novelty than about presenting existing technology in a new and interesting way. The iPhone 7 lives up to that legacy — but you need to be able to see beyond the boring bits to realize it. Join Michael Fisher for MrMobile’s iPhone 7 review, and stay tuned for the iPhone 7 Plus review coming soon!




MrMobile’s iPhone 7 Review was published after six days with a retail iPhone 7 handset (32GB, Black) purchased from Apple and used on T-Mobile US in New York City and Greater Boston. The device was paired to an Apple Watch Series 2 on the final day of testing.


Apple iPhone 7 in Black

Apple iPhone 7 Plus in Black

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Goenoeone Zchyffere says:

The samsung s9 will not get any buyer if apple dont release iphone 7S/8/8S.. Couse samsung just want to waith apple produck is like what to copy that..

Mark Boyer says:

My Friend, I'm not as smart as the other techno heroes below, but I was really impressed with how well you put your information and video together. it appears to me that you covered all bases and included many extra bits of information that should allow the dumbest rock like me a chance to make up my own mind or at least go in the direction that best suits my needs. Thank you for a very professional, Mature, and Informative presentation. You have a new subscriber – Cheers!

Marvincent Acuña says:

Good thing that you conpare an Apple device to another Apple device. Seems legit.

bodgan pdc says:

iphone only good for games, it is more a toy than a phone itself: toyphone and beyond boring there's only ultra boring like this toyphone is

E_ CoffeeChoco2 says:

best iPhone review I've watched!

Andre VanDross says:

Where do I find those star trek hoodies at tho?

XxPandaMCYTPlayzMcpexX //XxPandaPlayzMcpexX says:

isn't raise to wake an ios 10 thing

Inf4mousKidGames says:

I know i'm going to have a horde of people on for saying this but i'd rather take a windows phone over this. yes I know I know the current state of windows phone but still I prefer to this because I just think apple is full of it.

Kevin Barr says:

Where can we get those wallpapers

Abdullah Bilwani says:

PRODUCT(RED) is out now

Benjamin Toby says:

excuse me 1960mah battery? omg how much are they selling this thing again? … this is truly amazing : as a mobile device, I think the first thing to consider is battery life : afterall it's not so "mobile" if you have to look for a charging spot twice or thrice a day … honestly, the issue of 720p display or 2gb of ram isn't much of an issue because we aren't expecting desktop grade performance on a mobile phone : aside that, it can do a perfect job on a mobile device : but the issue of 1960mah battery on a phone costing over $500 is just hilarious … well I guess it's because it's apple …

dr 70194 says:

Apple invented the modern mobile phone. Not you!

Kshitij Shah says:

Suckass Apple

sidharth saraswati says:

I want the wallpaper

Da Boss says:

"and upfront, you've got a display whose resolution hasn't changed since 2014." XD

Putu Gunarko says:

I hv same problem, my ip7 antena hv many scratches even im using spigen case

gaurav dwivedi says:

one of the best review out there .. thumbs up !!

Axl says:

i own iphone 7 plus and i love it. been using samsung, htc and sony for many years but never satisfied with my new ip7plus. just love it.

El KHALIFA says:

I will not buy an iPhone 7
Imma stick to my iPhone 6s

GamerDares Wins says:

Iphone: same shit, higher price..

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