iPhone 7 Review with Pros & Cons A Worthy Upgrade?

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iPhone 7 review with Pros & Cons after using the iPhone 7 for almost 2 months I share what I liked with the new iPhone and what are the things I didn’t like and is the iPhone 7 a good upgrade if you own a iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 on Amazon India http://amzn.to/2fnOVof

iPhone 7 Unboxing & Overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=absEN4btz-I

iPhone 7 Frequently Asked Questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ_RQTiVyTo


ADIT says:

Dongle. It is actually an adapter a 3.5 mm adapter. Please look forward to use a bit correct words. Also, home button is not a disappointment it is an upgrade. 😂😂😂

Rajat Verma says:

sir don't mind it
but according to you the cons were:-
1.) weird home button
2.) old design
3.) lack of headphone jack
4.) no fast charging

but don't you feel that 1.) , 2.) are personal opinion. ok I agree that it's design is 3 years old but today also it is well build. cons are deal breakers but I don't think design is a deal breaker. and same goes for home button.
I know your review are based on your experience with device and you might not have liked the home button or design but sir you cannot stop a person for buying iPhone 7 just because you felt that home button doesn't feel well. I respect you a lot and also follow you and I felt after watching your video that was their really 4 minutes of con section because design and home button feel was one's personal opinion.
yes charger and headphone jack are the cons and I agree but the other two are not exactly con or deal breaker.
also sir you haven't given status of low light performance of iPhone 7 camera. I know in FAQ video for same, you said the the pics of iPhone 7 compared to S7 are cleaner in low light. but that's it?

I've bought Galaxy alpha, moto g4 plus , moto g5 plus, iPhone 6s via your review sir. and that's respectable but when I thought of buying iPhone 7 , I wasn't 100% satisfied by you.

I know if you will read this comment and if you thought of replying, you'll straight away say that ' then consider other utuber videos' or you'll link a video of yours that will have camera samples that I'm not aware of. and if you do the former, then I'll not be disappointed by any means and will not leave watching geekyranjit
that's the first time I went to other videos after yours for satisfaction.

TechnoFreak says:

1:42 You mean quantity right?

ZaiD Malik says:

Awesome phone

Ranveer Badhan says:

Do the gaming review of iphone 7

nikhil bokde says:

what will be ur opinion on iphone se at this time

hexen killz says:

lool you can put headphones in charging port

Techdroid India says:

I wonder when they will add wide angle lens.

Techdroid India says:

How many GHz quad core processor?

Ehsaas Dudhwala says:

One request. Can you start your live video at 8p.m.?

Rohan Nair says:

can you do a gaming review of the iPhone 7 plus

Bravo Demian says:

What's the price of iPhone 7 matte black 256 GB?

Jin Johnson says:

Dongle? Lol

attrey gupta says:

bro did u had liposuction? or they r chapped

Sahyu Mk says:

the Taptic new home button was made to improve water resistance

Movie interval says:

You look alike Bulbasaur 😅

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