iPhone 8 vs. GoPro Hero 6 Black – Review

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The new GoPro Hero 6 Black is the best GoPro ever…but is it any better than the camera on an iPhone 8 Plus? Side by Side comparison!

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  • Bossnage

    drop a i phone from a driving motorcycle it gets destroyd drop a gopro from a driving motorcycle it is totally fine

  • ThePilililo2

    The 4K+ from Xiaomi can do the same shit better for half the price or less lmao

  • Alec Boud

    No discount with Synergy anymore?

  • castortoutnu

    This is the Gopro that should have been released two years ago.
    The tech (ambarella) already existed back then for 4k60.

  • WeAreTwoDoorsDown

    What about the YI 4k and 4k+?

  • Manitou Reltih

    your ear is hairy

  • Raven Drakearud

    1:58 I'm gonna go to some sport event get a mega-phone and yell "GoPro turn off."

  • CriticoolHit

    GO PRO…. STOP RECORDING! #hatfilms

  • Bobby Bass

    GP 1= Gangrenous Penis

  • Elemino Musgrove

    I'm better there's a reason they didn't compare this to the Yi 4K action cam.

  • MrLawlessGaming

    I can only imagine Blue Apron watching this to see how Linus did their spot…
    Linus: "… higher margins from the people who can more easily justify the higher price tag. Speaking of higher price tags…"
    Blue Apron: "Oh no you fucking don't."

  • Master Be

    I could only concentrate on his hairy ears. 🙂

  • R A F A

    so for the price of a iphone 8, yo can buy the older go pro, or a video camera, a 500 dollar budget pc, and a cheap phone, WHY NOT?

  • Homage

    To us Youtubers who require a camera that can take anything, wind, rain, cold and shocks then, even if a phone camera is better, you cant really slap a phone on a gimbal and call it a day. Its a good comparison for say vlogging but for extreme sports then its pretty much useless.
    Also you need to cover audio, the 5 and 6 have terrible quality, yet something like the sessions have amazing quality. Still a good review though.

  • Fake_Blood

    Linus, we're doing screen size in millimetres now?

  • SchlongDong

    Its a shame that the actual video isn't in 60fps.

  • paradoxdesigns

    I'll stick with the best one IMO, the hero 4.

  • rcknroll35

    also, PAUSING at 6:02 and wow the quality of the iPhone 8 is WAY better, more colors, more range, more sharp. just more.

  • Daniel Diamantino

    What is that bipod looking grip he has on his go pro?

  • Yassine Bend

    grainy footage why

  • Matt Banak

    The problem with voice commands on the GoPro 5/6 is that it drains your battery life constantly. Not worth it imo even in situations where you're not able to access the camera easily.

  • Macie Jay

    Phones are not professional filming devices!!! For instance they record only at variable frame rate which is useless for post.