iPhone SE one year later… Still worth buying? (2017 Review)

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The iPhone SE was released a bit over a year ago. Is the SE still a device worthy of buying in 2017?
Sorry for the editing mistake in the middle of the video. Won’t happen again lol

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TechnoLogix91 says:

The iPhone SE- is the price point worth the smaller display?
And just realized it randomly says "Sample Text" at 4:52, lol. Sorry about that, editing mistake.

MoeSoNatural says:

I ordered mine it'll be here Tuesday. I'm switching from android… bittersweet

ExclusiveMontages says:

What IOS was best on this phone? Is 10 really worse than 9?

Whitemanfromtowne T says:

i brought this phone for my wife yesterday and took that shit back the next day. Why the hell would they even make a phone like that. Its designed for little children….. too damn small

J2 VLOGS! says:

I really want this phone but i have no money to buy it :(, greetings from Colombia

howdymegan says:

Very helpful. Answered my key questions. Nicely done! Thanks!

Will Boomer says:

The screen is small because thats the reason they made the phone for who enjoys the smaller phones nice try bud

TJusnow says:

Watching this on my iPhone SE ­čÖé I love it!! I have no issues with this phone at all, its fast and clean and the size is great!! It's $159.00 on Boost Mobile right now for 32GB and $259.00 for 128GB all brand new. If you get this phone I recommend boost mobile. And this is coming from an android user.

Michael Murray says:

Totally prefer the se rather than carting around a tablet sized phone

Michael Murray says:

How many times have you mentioned it is small ……

Ashifur Rahman says:

This is a great phone – only downside is the front camera.

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