iPhone SE review

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The tiny iPhone SE is definitely not Apple’s ​best phone — but it’s a safe bet for people looking to upgrade from an iPhone 4S or 5S. What’s new in the new iPhone SE? The Verge’s Lauren Goode reports.

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  • linksdagger7

    Buying this for my girlfriend

  • Aubrey Condra

    I have that

  • Justine Dylan A.

    Se is the best 😅

  • Brittany Karlek

    I LOVE the iPhone 5 design. The BEST fit in my hand and size to me. I wanted bigger iPhones because they came with the rose gold and were more "updated", but since they released the iPhone SE… which is an iPhone 5/5s with the guts of a 6/6s and the rose gold color….perfect! 😍😍

  • Maya Is here

    How about the new IPhone S E X?

  • DaNim

    I phone S(exy)E(dition

  • Tea Kitty

    The SE is timeless.

  • VernDude Roblox-And more!

    Lol my country sell the IPHONE SE for $37 dollars!! is u sign the contract!!!!!!!

  • Jl’s Randomness

    I filmed most of my videos with this, and it gets the job done smoothly…..

  • Danielle Lindsay

    ima get my first iPhone soon

  • Raj

    Finally a phone in 2017 that the president can use.

  • Kawaii Doll Roleplay Productions!


  • Gay Retard

    Oh my god I'm getting this phone for my birthday on Friday I can't wait!!!!