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Andrew Thompson says:

the one on the left isn't a speaker

xsenimsaj says:

idk which to get the 64gb SE or the 32gb 6s ,

Butch Howard says:

Thanks for an excellent review. I purchased mine from boostmobile.com and will be delivered January 9th. I grabbed the 64GB version for $349.99. The 16GB version is constantly sold out. I've been using large screen Androids for many years and tired of needing 2 hands to do anything. Your review made my decision easy to go with this new iPhone SE.

mickayla boober says:

last time I'll ever ask a question. but Android or iPhone for durability

Jessica Lee says:

Is the boost mobile service worth it? I've read both positive and negative reviews.

Mario Alvarez says:

hahahha if ya at a funeral we got the silencer that cracked me up great review !

yu gi oh girl anime too says:

Huh? Did you just say Boost Mobile? MORE LIKE B!TCH MOBILE!!

Himanshu Doley says:

does rose gold suits for men?

unknown unknown says:

I read that Apple might drop a smaller version of the 7 the 1st quarter of 2017.. If hey do ima be on it!!! I hate huge phones too man!

Mr.Minecraft Minion says:

Lol, the only good place to silence your phone, a funeral. At 3:28

Brittany says:

Gonna get a piece of crap phone before I get another iPhone. The iPhone 7 is coming out in September no point in getting 5s, SE, 6, 6+ right now when the prices will drop soon in the next few months.

Tech guy says:

But no 3D Touch!! Oh wait, it's pointless haha.

Darryl McGee says:

I have thought about purchasing an iPhone as a Secondary Device. If I were to do it, I would be purchasing an older model. I would get an iPhone 4 or 5. They would be the cheapest ones. My problem with iPhones is simply this. You are not allowed to use MICRO SD MEMORY CARDS! Therefore, unless you have an iPhone with a large amount of Memory, it is basically no use of having one. 8GB and 16GB iPhones are basically useless. Of course, those would be the only ones which I could afford.

Mr Everything says:

on boost cost how much

L Thompson says:

I'm getting the iPhone SE with metro pcs

Jess Lema says:

How is the coverage and your experience with Boost in general? I am planning on switching to Boost mobile and getting this phone but I've seen poor reviews for this company.

Refeal Thomas says:

forgot the M9 processor 2gb of ram

Refeal Thomas says:

you can tell the difference between a 8mp camera and a 12mp camera😒

Zeusevo1 says:

All iPhones have only one speaker. The other is the Mic

ScottGH says:

How did you get an se from boost mobile? They always are out of stock on boost's site.

Darlene Johnson says:

I got the iPhone 5s love the case help me get one

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