iPhone SE Unboxing + Review! | iJustine

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Fetty Fan says:

I absolutely love the SE

shadon micallef says:

evan the iPhone 3 is small

Charleigh says:

lol I'm watching this vid on an iPhone SE

Kimberly Jane says:

Hey what age could a kid/teenager get this?

Arianna Marmolejos says:

I have the IPhone 5s

James Rodriguez says:

Why is she surprised that it's so little but what about the iPhone 4?

Ashfaq Anwar says:

u are really rich

Nicole LeBlanc says:

Omg exactly a year ago this video was made🤗👋🏼

Raider Fly says:

I'm going to be getting my mom's Rose Gold 6S+on December 26 of 2017. I'm seriously hoping she didn't get the 16gb, though, because that would suck.

Scary Peeper says:

The only thing i hate about my iphone se is that…. it's hard to type, coz of it's small keys

connor musical. says:

i yousto have a i phone 5s now i have the i phone 6 i think the i phone 6 is a good size

JL_Diamond says:

This video is just awkward the way she talks comparing

tek magar says:

This is the best smart fone

Carlitox b says:

I remember when you got the iPhone 6 plus you said it was huge and now you are saying the SE is tiny? I'll never understand women

Ariannah Gordon says:

I have that phone plz don't make fun of it

Miss Minty says:

I had the iPhone 6s Plus and cracked the screen, my mom is "punishing" me by giving me the se and it is exactly the same, it's great

taylor leslie says:

When she compared the iPhone SE to the IPad Pro…. I DIEDDDDD🤣💀

MondaesSkik says:

iJustine… More like
Basic, starbucks drinking IPhone bitch

Anđelče M says:

okay we get it, it's small, cool down

Unlawful_ Pikachu says:

Would this be good for me? Not gonna say my age but I'm 10-14 and I have an iPad mini 4. I will be using an old 4s and will it be a could upgrade?

Little Miss Mystery says:

Should I save up to get the SE?

Maisha Rafa says:

totally forgot that SE exists cause raving bout iphone 7!!!

Like Button X1000 says:

This made me lose faith in humanity….

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