iPhone X Ballistic Gel Drop Test! – Mous Limitless Case Review

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Mous sent over their new iPhone X Mous Limitless case to do a GizmoSlip drop test! And since ballastic gel + iPhone X + huge drop test sounded epic, that’s what I decided to do! But what do you think? Link to buy Mous iPhone X Limitless Case (Coupon: gizmoslip) – http://bit.ly/2iv0aPC

Check out the full iPhone X Mous Limitless Case Review: https://youtu.be/V7lEPZyi2Jo

  • daman jeet

    Can you give me iPhone x? please I request you please please please

  • Cesar Castillo

    Coldplay ♥

  • Emmanuel Rios

    Do one if 100 layers of screen protectors will save an iPhone

  • Herocraft

    can a schoolbag protect an iphone X and an macbook pro from an high drop test ?

  • LifezLife

    So satisfying

  • Andre Walters

    I’m legit crying rn.

  • Nick Mosley

    I'll have the white one

  • Matas Gr

    when phones lands on his front or back inside ballistic gel it's of course going to survive but when landing on corner, it's taking the inpact like iphone is naked

  • Subhranil Basak


  • Yogie sonie

    brother make some 1ns dream come true by giving I phone X ..i think u must do a giveaway internationaly ..there r so many peoples who cant buy it but have dreams of having it …n m also in it..i will be thankfull if u give me This Apple I Phone X … Yogie from small city of India ..Rajsthan Bikaner

  • lester lim

    Can you test it with the Gohstek case

  • CoolDogeYT

    Who else saw a quarter