iPhone X Review: 1 Month Later

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iPhone X Full Review After 1 Month
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  • GetoverYourself

    Bought a Note8 instead. 11 year ios owner.

  • Shabeeb Alangadan

    Good job Samsung

  • Grey Director

    Congrats 800k subcribe supersaf

  • Tea With Tams

    Is it weird that I just came from a MKBHD video, and now I'm seeing him again here, or maybe SuperSaf just loves MKBHD.

  • Chrissy Jr.

    Who's Samsing

  • Dani Plays

    Congrats on 800K!!

  • Clay

    in singapore an iphone x 64gb cost 1219.85USD and 256gb cost 1397.50USD hmmm but UK had it hard on the price O_O

  • KmanAust

    "Take my face out of the pillow". Oh please spare me your first world issues. What have we become for fucks sake.

  • Premium X

    Every one can recognize my iPhone X very easy even… far far away because it have a norch and rotated camera 🙂

  • Mr whosetheboss

    No headphone jack
    No homebutton and touch ID
    A big notch
    Most likely to close an app instead of scrolling down.
    Makes u wierd in front of public while using the animojis…HOW CAN SOMEONE LIKE THIS IPHONE 10

  • furiousninja

    Just got a note 8 enjoying it a alot.

  • Electric Point

    Great bro..?

  • Tech Inside

    Good job Samsung 👍😂😂

  • Noah Shaikh

    Cheap phone

  • Felix Wingfield-hayes

    Saying the same shit as all the other reviews of the iPhone x

  • Mohammed Shanoof

    you can get HomeButton using Accessibility settings

  • dknight xs

    samsung made the same looking gs3,4 and 5 back than everyone was ok with it, but if its apple everyone loses their mind.