iPhone X Review: The Future Has a Price

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Each year I review an iPhone, and each year my findings are usually the same: solid device, premium price point, but no huge change in terms of how the iPhone functions. With the arrival of the iPhone X, things just got much more interesting.


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  • randy alifuddin

    The dream phone

  • Kenny Brisco

    I honestly love my iPhone X

  • Chemy Torres

    That's chocolate ice cream 😛
    Regarding the iPhone, nice but you said it, pricey.

    Video liked as always.

  • Anmol Rai

    Hey There thanks for the video

  • Encore1234567890

    I have no issues with the price, i personally won't touch a Apple product because they are cheaper way better phones out there, but if Apple can get people stupid enough to continue to pay these silly prices then why not, somebody is going to take their money at somepoint….so i say god for you Apple, charge them even single dime they willingly hand over. lol

  • Groud Frank

    "The Future" For iOS and iPhone users but for the rest of the world this is just another iPhone. The world was one way before the iPhone X and it was the same after it.

  • Ankit Sharma

    Yes I'm agree future has price but future has hell lot tax and customs because it's cost almost 1350$ for 64gb and 1550 $for 256gb iphoneX in india 😭😭😭 my dream

  • Marco García

    International giveaway?

  • krishna sharma

    Iphone X is amazing..😍 & A Good review..!😊

  • Piyush Saxena

    iPhone X has a New Design, New Face Id Authentication, Good Storage of 256 GB but, Glass Back makes it Fragile. Extra Screen Stretch without increasing Screen Size is Good.