iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?

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Tough Choice, iPhone X vs iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Is iPhone X Better? Is It Worth The $200-300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.

iPhone X Features Review: https://youtu.be/cjH3bjyznfg
iPhone X Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/EYdOmViXm5g

  • Rampag3r

    and that's why ipjone is dieing

  • Clorox bleach

    Stop bitching about a iPhone X if you don’t wanna buy it or can’t afford it don’t buy it don’t tell people how to spend there money 👍🏽

  • Clorox bleach

    I’m hype for the X Ima cop one👀

  • RightTV

    I have an Samsung Galaxy s8, but i found the look of the Iphone X much better than the other Iphone's. But the hole of smartphones cost not the half and final price in the production than in a market. So sick to belive it, but its the truth…..

  • Gurbet Altinbas

    He trys to sell the iphone 8 to us because you have to wait sooo longggggg for the iphone 10 x 10 x i don t no, stupid iphone 12oo bucks

  • XxVeryOrigialNamexX

    Too expensive. Buy Nabi instead

  • bob bob

    I don't think people are bothered to make cases for this

  • XxVeryOrigialNamexX

    iPhone Xpensive 😆

  • Giovanni De Lorenzi

    It's called "EverythingApplePro" and tells what everybody of us already know

  • john sturrock

    Buying the iPhone 8 for.my daughter Christmas this year she is 12 is it worth the money ??

  • claaarez guizon

    his voice doesnt match his face. 😂😂

  • Caleb Mates

    with 1000(£/$) you can buy a car…

  • Authentic sword247

    Who else writes some comments to grab some intense attention?

  • Rich D

    Android has done all this sooner and at less cost to it's users

  • Wojciech Drozd

    I got 16GB iPhone SE and fuck me sideways it's enough – moaning about 64 or 256GB like it's not enough, my laptop has 512GB. And yes I'm not impressed with new phones

  • Yingri Zhu

    the phone he has is fake

  • Totally a Fox

    iPhone 8 looks old and iPhone x looks ugly

  • Kim Stubblefield

    Today I had to get a new phone…my first phone was a Samsung and I hated it…I wanted an apple…so because of ur vids…I chose the 6s…thx😺

  • 10 000 subs no videos challenge

    ( °_°) – You want it?

    ( °_°) – I'll give it if you like.

    ( °_°) – Here, take it!

  • Killer Gorilla

    The simple answer is neither

  • AURA

    Still using my iPhone 6 Plus~ tired of chasing, it's expensive and pointless upgrade.

  • Freeze !
  • Freeze !
  • Kevin Lay

    Close difference for $300
    In indonesia the difference is about $500-$600 between 8+ and X (in pre order price right now)
    So wtf apple..

    Rp. 13 800 000 for 8 and Rp. 21 to 23 xxx xxx (predicted)for X ($1 = Rp. 13273)

    Even Note 8 that is only like $50 cheaper than iphone X is only slightly more expensive than Iphone 8 and 8+ here..

  • ohbed Castillo

    What worries me more is the government face recognition 🙁

  • RE N

    Thank you for the video, I really enjoyed it, you did a great job!

  • Sweg Master lel

    Nokia 3310 ftw amirite