Is Mobile VR Worth Buying? Merge VR Review

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Welcome to the skilled channel and today I’m getting my first taste of virtual reality. VR is something I’ve been very interested in trying out and the first tech I could get my hands on is mobile VR. Merge VR sent me this headset specifically for review. It works with your smart phone to deliver an interactive experience, but is there actually anything worth watching or playing on it yet? Let’s find out in this tech review.

Disclosure: Merge VR sent me these goggles for free in order to review them.

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Matt Dilg says:

will this hold my iPhone 6s Plus?

Will Wimbiscus says:

you can get this on bestbuy with colors black and purple, although it is slightly more expensive (right now)

Marty says:

Great, I need neck exercise

Idan David says:

Hi there, this is my first VR gameits a zombie rollercoaster, hope you we like it

fayyazb says:

Can you watch regular HD movies via Phone?

Cryogenik says:

does it work on the s7?

Tuhin Biswas says:

so full hd mobile will have pixelated video prob to???

Dragon211 says:

It's worth it for the VR porn. Other then that it's pretty meh unless it's your first time experiencing VR.

The Legend 27 says:

Would it work with a iPhone 6?

ExoticSky says:

Des the merge vr work with iphone 5?

braveheartbob says:

…..aaaaand on to another reviewer. If they sent that unit to you to review, ur already kind of biased.

DonutGamer95 says:

For the cons, why would the lack of media be with the headset? It's not the headsets fault for not much apps.

PatrickTheHypocrite says:

Does the merge vr work with iphone 7

Kamora Ramsey says:

I have that for my brother so I watched this so I no what I AM doing

Abdullah Aljaf says:

would it work on the iphone se?

Amaz E says:

can i wear this with my glasses? and will it work with my note 3?

Max Drew says:

Will the 5s work

Captain Picard says:

I'm going to wait a max of 2-3 years. Not because I want the price to go down, I actually think the price of say the ps vr is VERY reasonable considering it is new tech. However, I want to wait because I want to give this technology time to mature and get better. I know VR is great even now but it has so much more room for potential and I don't want to try a half baked product when I could wait for this tech to fully mature. It's like eating bread before dinner you don't want to spoil your dinner because you want the satisfaction of eating a fully fledged meal or in this case fully fledged VR.

Vipergear says:

all you need to do is make sure you phone comes with a gyroscope(gyro). If it has that you are gold. but I've noticed that cheaper phones have that taken out.

What The says:

I look forward to a VR husband software program!

Joey Jimenez says:

how did make other see what you are seeing I'm still trying to figure that out

Captain E-Chan says:

i found this for 60 dollars i think i should get it.

TreeBark Studios says:

I just bought this on Amazon for $60

JustinDBlakeFan says:


BaylissLad says:

Would it  be worth it for 40 pounds? ($52)

Mackenzie RBLX says:

Thanks for the review, Now I know I won't waste $100 when i order it. I wish it wasn't made out of foam though, I have a dog and if my he gets his hands on it he's gonna tear it up.

Ever StanDinG says:

i really wanna know how do you control the movement & actions of the game character when the cell phone itself is put inside the headset???? i'm trying to decide whether to buy a V.R headset or not depending on how well it is at video games & i don't quite get the idea !!!! , by the way it'm not talking about ocolus rift & playstaion vr, they have motion trackers & controllers but very expensive to buy just to see if i like it or not….. if anyone has a feedback to this please reply

Shreyas Naduvinmath says:

only 360 type videos can be viewed in this little shit?

Winchester7983 says:

I preordered PS4 VR, can't wait for it lol

robert lennox says:

well to top it off, everybody who wants, has, or owns a VR headset should get this. it merges google cardboard that has a button with all the other expensive ones that dont and there you go. you have the perfect VR headset

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