Is the iPhone X Worth It? [4K HDR]

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The Apple iPhone X review: Face ID, Animoji, Camera, Specs & Performance
iPhone X vs Pixel 2:

This video was shot in 4K HDR on a RED Epic-W with Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. For the full HDR effect, watch on a TV using Chromecast Ultra as well as on some smartphones like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Cinematographer: Kenneth Bolido
Lighting & Color: Wesley Knapp
Editing: Jimmy Champane


  • Austin Evans

    If you want Ken to be able to sleep at night, watch this video on the nicest screen you can get your hands on.

  • Christian H Antillon Mercado

    Glass panel in the back to be able to do the slowest wireless charging phone in the market

  • Jesus Robledo

    Great video, just change the way you speak towards the end of some words. Just saying.

  • Christian H Antillon Mercado

    The video is 4k but the phone isn't

  • Dave Vidad

    Copped the iPhone 6 last month and now I’m losing battery fast

  • Dennis Joseph Reyes

    no more assistive touch?..

  • Emmanuel Santos

    4K HDR —– Use heavy color grading compression
    Idk why people say "So Cinematic" this looks just like the same videos of any pseudo tech analyst. Looks so unreal, saturated, fake.

  • Ethan Monroe

    Austin can we talk about how 2005 your phone is? How you gonna come at me with Cardcaptor and Motion City Soundtrack and not have some excuse for yourself

  • likitha reddy

    yeah, it is competition to s8

  • Doomed RPG game player( The Doomed One)

    It’s small as fuck compared to the iPhone 8 Plus

  • 梓裕 刘

    Ending music plz?

  • AGalacticHero

    Watching this on my Nokia 2700 Classic 😐

  • Akash World

    Hey Austin why not try to review Micromax Canvas Duet Ae90 This is a nice phone just try it out

  • BRBM Gaming

    Sponsored by Apple…

  • Nick Ando

    is austin evans worth it? (2017)

  • Pen Goose

    Watching in 360p on my iPad 2.

  • RevelDevil

    Just like how AirPods went from $260 to $150… maybe if we don't buy this weird looking price of 💩 than hopefully the next one would be BETTER and CHEAPER 🤔

  • Damian Perez

    I watched this on iPhone 6

  • JazzHasLeft

    good job on the video, great quality. But 1000 dollars it is almost impossible to justify.

  • James James

    If I had cash to burn I'd buy it despite the huge amount of haters this phone has

  • IITitan33II / GelaT0nGD

    watching on my AOC G2460PF Freesynce 144Hz monitor

  • Xerzix Xerperius

    Everytime I see an IPhone user I just take them as an idiot right of the bat.

  • Alexdiggerman

    Wait is this a movie or YouTube video?

  • Jeremiah Brooks

    Like the way this video was filmed it's different. Keep it up.