Is this $60 Phone Worth it: LG Aristo Review!

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DarkMiner Josh says:

Tmobile is 144 dollars

DarkMiner Josh says:

Metro pcs made it cheaper

Ethan Crowe says:

The LG Premier was a great model and had good design, the aristo (in my opinion) is a much worse designed phone.

queen of gotham city says:

i got the phone for $60 with a $40 retail price including unlimited wifi and a phone line and i got it for $100 but trust me its worth it

queen of gotham city says:

guys get it its amazing

queen of gotham city says:

yes it is worth it i have the exact same phone and it takes amazing pictures, has alot of space, has long lasting battery, it is amazing

theKing4720 says:

I just got it, its pretty good. Before this I had the K7 so much better lol

Jesse The Capybara says:

I have that phone

Daniel K says:

best budget phone on the market

Xovion - FPS and MORE!!! says:

i can record ganeplay with only slight almost unnoticeable lag

CannonPro says:

good upgrade from a LG leon

ninjapiggy 123 says:

I have a lg aristo its a really good phone.

Merklesss says:

first learn English then do videos you gat almost everything wrong

Headhopper19 says:

best camara on a phone under $100

Rose XNightcore says:

im on an lg aristo

Dragon Warrior lee says:

i know right i just got the aristo and i wanted to see it in a video

Echoxsoldier GT says:

I bought this phone on t mobile for 120 dollars

MoonShadow says:

$5/ Month at T-Mobile

Hector N. says:

If I put a tmobile sim would it let me use the service?

Dragon Warrior lee says:

im watching on a aristo

out of sight says:

the pics u take on this phone snd it to a phone with a higher screen resolution and u will b amazed. resolution makes a difference interms of how the pictures taken looks. the phone takes good pictures. it has more than enough megapixels for a 5" display and has a 1.5" sensor. i dnt need to go in depth abt hw sensor size influences photos bcuz im pretty sure u knw 😒

Paul Calabrese says:

Picked mine up last week for free. 🙂 Pretty good for a budget phone.

Alexis Dukes says:

How to turn on the front led light when charging

Kylie Unfør says:

I got it for t mobile

Dylan Hunter says:

not the best for gaming. the screen is not very bright and colors are dull. it sometimes freezes for like 3 seconds. other than that it is a good phone if you don't mind those issues.

{EaL}JJ The gamer says:

So is it worth buying cuz i want to start using something new like an lg cuz i want to stop using iphones

Daniel says:

Does the Tmobile version have NFC and a Fingerprint scanner as it lists Mobile Pay as a feature? How does Mobile Pay work on it perhaps a demo video? Thanks

100KingDezzy says:

Your mistaken it is on T mobile….. I ordered this phone from T mobile on February 4th

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