Jelly: The Smallest Smartphone I’ve Ever Held

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The folks who built Jelly don’t claim it’s the smallest smartphone in the world; that honor might belong to its predecessor, the Posh Micro X. Rather, Jelly is touted as the world’s smallest smartphone that also includes 4G. Toss in Android 7.0, dual SIMs, a replaceable battery and a full-size headphone jack, and you start to wonder if maybe a phone that fits in your coin pocket is worth re-learning how to type on a keyboard the size of a matchbook. And that’s not even taking into account the bargain-basement price. Is Jelly worth braving the hazards of Kickstarter? Watch MrMobile’s hands-on with the world’s smallest [4G] smartphone to find out!



Jelly Smartphone:


MrMobile’s Smallest Smartphone of 2017 video was produced following three days with a Jelly Smartphone review unit on loan from Ogadget/Gadget Labs. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston. The Jelly smartphone review device received no software updates and was not connected to a wearable.


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Fashionista” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:



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riopato2009 says:

Hope this starts a trend in micro smartphones. How long do you think it will take for manufacturers to make bezel less phones of this size?

Silvia Diaz says:

Smaller phones work better with my small hands, but I have yet to find one that has everything I want

ZaphGaming says:

Seems like a really good phone to bring in work outs and runs!

Indera Sadana Wibawa says:

gaming review please?

kaz3d says:

i'd get this purely as a music player – play music, pandora, spotify etc and even micro sd for mp3s!

Jamie Karl says:

This might be a perfect companion device to a windows on arm 7-9 inch mini-tablet when they are released, for those times when you don't have your bag. When that hits I'm basically thinking about a calling mini-tablet, feature phone combo instead of a smartphone. All I really need in the phone is calling, maps, browser. Tablet can do everything else, including most of the calls with an earpiece. This might be it. I'll have to look around, see what exists in tiny phones, and feature phones these days.

lord and savior gaben says:

ugh it doesnt even come with 8gb ram, 256gb storage, 50m waterproof, 4k screen, sd835, android o, or even a 4000mah battery and it costs like $70 thats so overpriced im never buying.

Gustavo Taliano says:

Zoolander's new Phone!

Plaz Flame says:

Still trying to find out where I can buy this phone… and have it in my hands now

Simon Waddington says:

Hey @MrMobile – how was the screen brightness? Could you read it in sunlight?

eng . ammar hindieh says:

hello….did it has a hotspot (internet sharing) thank you.

Muzzle says:

Nice mini phone.

David Herron says:

Is this fast enough for google music?

Kinko says:

Android N? I still have gingerbread

RoOSTA says:

The only reason they didn;t implement USB Type C is due to the interference it would cause with the phones signal whilst making a call, so it was an avoidable problem when trying to compromise on size – just give it the micro USB port…

Jamie Karl says:

When being able to comfortably hold, and easily pocket is a niche innovation lol. Next they'll be coming out with one that doesn't break.

Shan Rez says:

what a poil of shit

Dain Opland says:

I see in the specs it has GPS, and google maps appears to be on the home screen. Have you used google maps for navigation on the Jelly ? Is it functional? Thanks

doubleohmccall says:

the Moto x 2013 was the best sized phone ever!!! perfect for one handed use!

Brian Gough says:

is that flashing circle a notification light!?

Zohaib Rao says:

Typing this comment on my Jelly.

Dani O says:


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