Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Review

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Today I investigate how the extra glossy iPhone feels.




Karam X says:

Add 2017 into the thumbnail. I myself, thought that this video is old, and is just recommended for me.

Birdy says:

I'd be willing to trade my gold 7+ for a jet black seriously 😩 still glad I own a 7+ tho, such speed, no lags

Jesus de Nazaret says:

I just bought the iphone 7 plus 128 red edición. And peaple think its a clone thats f up

Monkey says:

I hope I can pick up an iPhone edition in jet black when it comes out 😭


Was gonna get the S8 but nah rather wait for the IPhone 8

TheGoldenPotato says:

Do a home pod thoughts video

Antonio Lomeli says:

If Apple took the Apple logo off everyone would think that they got a fake phone

TheGoldenPotato says:

I bet ya, 100K subs or more by the end of year

jwathas says:

I just ordered 2 jet black iPhone 7 Pluses for my husband and I. They'll be here on Tuesday and we can't wait! We're each upgrading from the 6s, which we've had for the past year and a half. I was actually going to get the 7 Plus in red for myself and the jet black for my husband since that's what he preferred, but after watching a couple of unboxing/review videos of the red one, it didn't look quite as nice as I originally thought it did and you won't even be able to see the red back once I put a case on it (why couldn't Apple have made the front red as well???), so I went with the jet black as well and I'm very happy with my decision. Love the glossy finish! We ordered microfiber lined cases for them so they won't scratch up the phones. 🙂

sitbackrelaxxx says:

Funny… I see Apple fans always say how faulty a Samsung phone is, yet I have, nor have anyone else I know with a Samsung phone has experienced any of these "issues". Lol I can play the whole… "I gave Apple a try but after a week, it got stale, boring, started to crash and got glitchy." game too…. just because I want Apple to appear worse than what it is. But then again… I am not a true fanboy and I will call things out fairly. Lol the bias is real 😉

Christian Taboada says:

IPhone is a great product but you way overhype the airpods. Honestly I hate them…everyone can hear my music when I use them

Jamie Hilliam says:

andrew you should buy sony mdr xb 450s there the best

Ryan Melville says:

I’m happy you finally get your Jet Black IPhone

Draken0023 says:

Try the SwitchEasy iGlass case. I put my jet black 7 Plus in one right out of the box and it's works great. Almost zero bulk or extra weight. Gotta change the "dust barrier" out once in a while because they tend to squish and lose adhesion to the glass, but looks and works great. I use the glass screen protector with mine, too, but I know you hate those. Honestly, though, other than the slight raise around the home button, I can't even tell it's there. Shit, I'm starting to sound like an ad… Argued a few days ago with someone I work with that the tenth iPhone should not be called the iPhone 'X' because I'm not calling the iPhone 13 (if there will be such a thing) the iPhone 'XIII'. Apple would be remiss to make such a stupid blunder in product naming if you ask me. Plus, no one uses Roman numerals anymore unless they're trying to be overly pushy or cheesy about their product. Imagine the iPhone 'IV'; sounds like a phone on life support…

Drew Velez says:

I waited for my jet black Plus and I’ve never seen anyone else with it. It’s one of the coolest feelings knowing you’ve waited for the unicorn and now you have the best looking iPhone 😂

Rising Embers Gaming says:

Who’s watching without socks on?

Harrison Poindexter says:

You guys remember that the iPhone 3G and 3GS was jet black lol

G__O__A__T says:

Watching this on my jet black 7 plus😂

Zacharie Chiron says:

Great video as always but I think there is one thing you don't analyze correctly: having no borders is not only for esthetics. It's also functional: it gives you a bigger screen with the same size and weight, or a smaller & lighter phone with the same screen size. That is functional. That's also why the 2016 MBP upgrade was great hardware wise: reduced borders (plus all the other stuff).

And to answer your question, I personally love the aluminium feel, as in: I LOVE it. So I'm sad to lose that with glass backs, but that is my personal feeling. Although there is also one actual reason to avoid glass… I want to be able to put my phone down somewhere without it suffering scratches.

John Mooring says:

I don't mind the Apple Branding, I hate carrier branding. I have the Jet Black but I miss my matte black. I also have a S8 Plus I'm trying to sell. Been on ebay for 2 weeks.

Firaga13 says:

I hate cases. But I'm so scared to scratch my phone that I'm forced to use one lol. It's an Honor 8 btw.

Cameron Giles says:

do a 10.5" ipad pro review

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