Kyocera Hydro Air Review (AT&T Go Phone)

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Kyocera Hydro Air Review (AT&T Go Phone)

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Kyocera Hydro AIR says:

Should I make a Youtube channel about this phone?

Kyocera Hydro AIR says:

Who's watch in 2017

seth th lemon says:

ok so I have the same phone and how do I keep it from over heating

Michael McGlothin says:

I was given one (glad I didn't buy it). It has nearly 300MB of bloatware. It is an unrootable phone as I've even tried rooting with a PC (I don't really advise rooting but phones with a ridiculous amount of bloatware you have no other choice). I can't run many apps that I actually use because of this. It has File Commander preloaded and I have it disabled and have a downloaded file manager because of every 10 files I open and exit out of in File Commander I get bombarded with at least 7 ads and one's a video. Don't mind ads but this is ridiculous. It also has what I call harassware, the device manager pops up and when I hit ignore on it it pops up in the notifications tray every few seconds anyway. It cannot be disabled. It's okay for calls and texts but don't count on putting many apps on it. What few apps I have I'm always getting not enough space when I try to update them.

gwendolyn sanders says:

great review man.!
I broke mine at work last Monday and have been looking for a new one. I'm definitely going to Walmart to get this phone.

flute lover says:

I have this phone, it sucks, crashes every ten mins, I have to hold the power button and restart it Everytime I use Snapchat. don't buy this product.

izabela's life says:

I'm using that phone right now it's my phone

izabela's life says:

I'm using that phone right now it's my phone

Garrett Bridges says:

All I want to know is if it can play Pok├ęmon go good ?

Awakened X says:

sound like squid billies

SyntheticHeist says:

how do I block number on it?

Jarred Boshears says:

the only reason that the sim is saying sim inserted please restart is because the sim is not active

N Erole says:

What do you do – buy these, review 'em and then return 'em?

Michelle fisher says:

I have this phone but it is not with at&t

Lakiyah Brown says:

does the google maps work fine on this phone

Jose d says:

kyocera hidro air vs zte max 2 5.5"

Meliton Ochoa says:

$30 at walmart well worth the money and it can play pokemon go decently and other games with little to no lag

Nicolas Rodriguez says:

thank God I have this phone ­čśç­čśç

WestsSide69 says:

anyone rooted there hydro air yet

BlasianGamin' says:

does this have a recovery mode? the wave doesn't have one for some reason.

Zachary says:

i love kyocera phones, they are so much smoother than most of the flagships, funny how that works lol


I have the exact same phone its shitty it freezes it shuts down ….if ur playing a game it freezes an won't come back in for another 5 mins. an its annoying asf and I would not reccomend this. .only get if u have ABSOULTE NO OTHER CHOICE (NOT EVEN A FLIP PHONE)

Speak Futbol says:

When I download apps on this phone they download to phone storage instead of the SD card. I'm not sure how to change this and my phones syorage starting to run out of space. I didn't have this problem with my hydro icon. Do you have any fixes for this

Farming Guy4312 says:

this phone sucks freezes and shuts down has a small memory and even tho u put a sd in it it only puts some files on and it over heats i took it back and got another and the same thing i pain 108 and now u can get them for 40 it takes crappy pics this is the worst investment i have ever had im going back to windows i may not have apps i want but its reliable.

DeMeyer says:

I paid 19.00$ yesterday for this same phone and I love it! I only buy the 30$ plan because I don't use cell phones much. So looks like I made a great choice. Thanks for the review CV Tech.

Richard Griggs says:

I just bought this phone tonight. how do I change the screen time out? I can't figure it out lol

Richard Griggs says:

I just bought this phone tonight. how do I change the screen time out? I can't figure it out lol

Jayy Sixx says:

how long. Does the battery last

Thomas Kunkel says:

what games were you playing

Jack D says:

Thanks for showin' dem settins.

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