Kyocera Hydro Reach Full Review {Boost Mobile}

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Kyocera Hydro Reach Full Review {Boost Mobile} All You Need To Know

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Daniel Cervantes says:

is My current smartphone

King Hypee says:

the fucking emojis are horrible…

Steven Coble says:

how to root the dam thing Please

Kelly Orton says:

I have this phone now it sucks over heating all the time

CL78698 says:

Man this phone take 10 years to fully charge!!

Smokers Stich89 says:

I can't seem to move my phone memory onto my sd card

ThE TwinZ says:

what is the gif

Rey Fuentes says:

Is this phone better than the Kyocera duraforce pro?

Elaine Denise Mancine says:

Does anyone know if this phone accepts an SD card higher than 64gb?

Latia Jackson says:

how to block texts messages an phone calls on the Kyocera reach???is there a way on how to or no???

jay baller says:

should i get this or lg k7 plz someone tell me which would you get

Lynn Stutler says:

where do you put the sd card at

Isaias Arellano says:

the phone lags alittle,camera aint the greatest,low in storage,non removable battery,it can last almost all day,depending on how long you use it.only pay 46 for it at walmart.good phone for the price and the waterproof resistance.

Sajjad Ahmed says:

Dat intro tho

Tony Gam3r says:

does this phone have a hotspot with boost mobile?

Jacob Davis says:

I have it to

Nyani Dixon says:

Just got this phone….I love by far….only two cons that needs to be address are storage but what to expect from a $50 phone and the battery life….but other than that, it's a good phone compare to my Samsung J3 ☺

Brad S says:

does this phone have gyroscope?

Richard Cantey says:

my last phone was a LG and it did have emojis already, PS LG is a way better pick than this

Donald Dionne says:

but is it really waterproof 300cee says:

I'll make this my glove box trap throw away phone

Ruben Carmona says:

I bought this cellphone today

Eliza Fisher says:

I cant clear my notifications from the top of my screen, and it doesn't show my notifications, only the quick settings. Is there a way to fix that?

Paco says:

Nice review. My elderly sister purchased this phone. She has hearing issues and rarely ever hears the phone ring, and never knows when she has a voicemail. I changed the ringtone to something a little more obnoxious in hopes that she will hear it, and also set up an audible "persistent alert" for voicemail only. My question is…how do you shut off the audible alert? Is it necessary to check the voicemail, or is there a way to just dismiss the alert before checking the voice mail to stop the alert. Thanks.

Isaiah Hill 1 says:

the music app I meant to say

Isaiah Hill 1 says:

Wat about the must

mitch ervin says:

how do u take pics without the delay

LeeonArah Judath-Yehudah Ya'Jeshurun says:


Wax Doe says:

how do I change ringtones

Dennis taylor says:

who knows how to hard reset it?

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