LG G3 Review: More Than Just A Pretty Screen

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The LG G3 is the culmination of over three years of progressive Android smartphone design. Is it the phone for you? Find out in our video review, then check out our full written review at Pocketnow, available starting at 10am ET on June 14! http://pocketnow.com/2014/06/14/lg-g3-review


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Barry Shulman says:

I've been with sprint for 14yrs and i have the Samsung note four s-pen which is far better than the Samsung Galaxy edge 7 and 8 which ipad. Barry shulman. sylvester stallone.

jamardoogle2 jones says:

Watching this on my LG G3 Korean Version

Dave Vob says:

i want to buy it in 2017
it cool be a good phone for buy? what you think?

Jared Briggs says:

why did this pop up in my feed….

Caped Baldy says:

Purchased mine basically mint with its charger AND box. For 100 bucks. How does that sound lol.

[Sn1per] JT5GAMER//XBOXGAMEZ says:

Im getting it!!!

Umair Zaheer says:

should i buy a g3 or an iphone 5 can you help ?

Noor ul Hadi says:

All those who have lg g3 90 percent of them have a restart issue in this phone i have the same issue Lg needs to fix this issue, i have a same problem in my laptop which is also lg i have changed my lg laptop battery 6 times but every battery just work upto 1 month lolx LG Life's Good????

Subi_fan says:

Awesome phone, fuck the haters.


remember when I had mine! was an awesome phone but then It broke got a replacement and it broke a week later I cry

Mashiro Shiina says:

my lg g3 is laggy asf! my samsung s1 is even faster than my lg g3, opening apps, typing it lags so much and etc. i will never buy an lg device again its the worst

Mashiro Shiina says:

4:34 middlesex lol

Banks Franks says:

beautiful phone, if you want a big 5.5 inch screen with quad hd capabilities for an amazing price, go for it. the snap dragon 801 and adreno 330 GPU is more than enough to kick it for years to come

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