LG G6 hands on review

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The LG G6 is finally here and we’ve got hands on with the new smartphone from the South Korean company. It’s got an all metal unibody 5.7-inch display that still maintains a compact waterproof body and a dual-lens camera. Here is our hands on review.


ZombiePanda402 says:

But does it have an SD card slot?

The Fish X says:

Shut up LG and take my money

The Fantom Convoy👑🏆 says:

Took 'em long enough to get to this level!

Lauri T says:

G5 was the most underrated phone of 2016!

Anthony Turner says:

LG should have just called this the G5. This is what the G5 should have been last year.

I'm going to hard pass on this one. I'm not spending money on a phone this year that has last year's specs.

Manny Akanmu says:

looks like a note 5/6p mash up

Navid All Gharaee says:

Recorded by iPhone!

Nasiruddin Jafary says:

looks like s7 design language with lesser bezels at the top and bottom..

Bboy ROCKY says:

im waiting for Galax s8 then i will choose

Corrosive says:

After using the G5 the past year, I am ready to switch back to Samsung.

Goran Petrovic says:

Smart Lg didn't bring V20 in Europe last year. This year, redesigned V20(G6) is coming to Europe but without its most interesting part, that DAC. Are these guys in Lg normal? Who is making these decisions, who makes different models for different markets? Is it so hard to make one right and sell it all around the world. No wonder htc and LG are slipping in oblivion. Good phones but ignorant management.

Naveed Ahmed says:

50% copy of Galaxy S7 .. from the failure of G5, LG has learnt to follow the foot steps of Samsung (like glass back, non-removable battery, IP68, wireless charging, lesser MP camera, etc)..

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