LG G6 Review: Everything You Need to Know

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PURCHASE THE LG G6 HERE: http://amzn.to/2nMlQYm
MORE INFO: http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/g6

– Meet the LG G6, the Korean tech giant’s latest mobile flagship. How does it stack up against the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8? Should you wait? Get your G6 fix here.

Check out Engadget’s full review here: https://www.engadget.com/2017/02/26/lg-g6-preview-mwc/

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Gamers Nexus says:

I knew we should have rendered in an optimized UltraWide format. 🙁

Tre Betts says:

o nice vid keep up the good work

Rattacko says:

Motorola ftw

Anand Solanki says:

i think lg did excellent job coming from g5. g6 is on par with s7 in build quality. but i think s8 is better.

Deepanjan Banerjee says:

I support LG with their tempered glass choice. Gorilla glass 3 is more scratch resistance than gorilla glass 5.

James saiz says:

lol, @ 3:50 my phone was TRIGGERED!!

Killer32620 says:

i got my g4 last year still works but gets real hot…i like it but im afraid of the battery exploding…

agasarang says:

Living in Korea now, I got a first-hand look at the G6 the day it came out. It was the single best handheld device I've ever had a chance to play with.

LG has a reputation for making great products, fantastic support, but terrific marketing here. In fact, it's often seen as shooting itself in the foot by not aggressively marketing its many R&D-driven functionalities (LG fans here even took to making their own commercials for the products. Imagine that, consumers making free commercials for a company).

I just had a chance to test the Galaxy and while it's a beautiful device on its own, I much prefer the look of the G6. I highly recommend giving the G6 a serious consideration if you're in the market for a new phone.

Jeffery Watkins says:

Oh, so we are getting into phones now. 👌🏽

Dion Miller says:

No headphone jack or did I miss that coverage?

GatewayTechAndGaming says:

Did everyone just forget about the Xiaomi Mi Mix??? The first true bezel-less smart phone….

Brayden Turner says:

"It choo choo's" Blank stare

faisal habibi says:

what about xiaomi mi mix?

Rojae Beckford says:

Give it sometime, it'll bootloop…………… I BET!! #RIPMYG4 🙁

Jacob Andrews says:

I'm considering this or the s8. right. now I'm leaning towards the G6 just because I really don't like TouchWiz, however it is something I'm willing to look past

Tdog trevor says:

google assistant is retarded

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