LG G6 Review – Is It Just Another Phone?

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The G6 an all around good phone with nothing too special about it. So should you buy it?

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2osyNeA

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The Pussy Diaries says:

One word: Proactiv

S Saini says:

You didnt explain your dislike for the camera on the G6. It has class leading manual controls and excellent camera software making full use of the 18:9 aspect ratio. Most reviews have put it on par with the S8, iPhone 7+, Pixel, XZs etc.

Jeremiah Bonds says:

IDG.tv did a comparison and rated it better than the Pixel camera.

Brian Blaauwbroek says:

I think it's a great comeback for LG after last years debacle. Nice review.

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