LG G6 Review: It’s Definitely a Phone

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Is the LG G6 a flagship smartphone worth buying?
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The LG G6 is LG’s flagship smartphone this year, following last year’s LG G5 which wasn’t a big seller. But the G6 has some cool new features that might turn some heads, such as the giant screen that covers most of the phone. It also has a dual camera system that has both a wide angle and standard focal length lens, which makes it easy to take photos with lots to fit in frame. I found the battery life to be great, and it lasted all day very easily, even with pretty heavy usage.



Galactic Gaming says:


MineFish says:

great title xD

Edwin says:

You can turn on the app drawer..

Prashant Chaudhary says:

I dont like these silly tech talks, i am tech SAVVY, give us our thio back to activate the hidden cores in my pixel

Pocket Gamer says:

You dont say, i thould its a console

John Scarce says:

please when reviewing phones do it more like a pc review. Go more in depth about the hardware and the SoC, memory type and speed, etc… and compare it to others and even try some benchmarks. we all already know that the new phones will have flashy stuff for kids, triple cameras, 16K display and more bloatware, but as a pc guy i dont care about this

Rick Lehman says:

Nice review as usual. One comment- The directv app is useful especially if you have AT&T and directv as the service is free. I watch my favorite channels while exercising everyday. It doesn't use your data.

can uca says:

ThioJoe, you definitly deserve more views.

David Irthum says:

I love your helpful videos. I have the LG V10. I love it BUT it heats up so fast when I have to make the screen brighter to see outside. When the phone overheats so easily it will shut down for safety reasons. Is the new G6 prone to this?

Pazo says:

Meh. I think the V10 and V20 are the sweet spot. And the new 18:9 isn't bad, but dammit they had to put some discouraging disadvantage to the G6.

iLackCreativity says:

LG is fucking useless.They make the worst phones.they are good and fast i admit that but they use fucking cheap ass hardware which fails anytime.LG G3 the recent Trash phone i had which got the Blue screen of death out of the other 2 Lg phones i had whose hardware failed too.FUCKIN PIECE OF SHIT LG PHONES.
DONT GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!

Karan Sachdev says:


DylonxD says:

I think the reason the glass on the front is Gorilla Glass 3 is because it is apparently much more scratch resistent than newer generations like GG4/5 which are better against drops and bending. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.

MarkusTegelane says:

I had Samsung Galaxy S8 "It is a phone" ad.

Django Groen says:

easy to reach fingerprint?
LOLLLLL look at 2:40

Caffeinated Frostbite says:

I still want the samsung galaxy s8

OpTic KTG says:

Man if it wasn't for the title I might have though this was a smart watch or something

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