LG k7 full review For Metro Pcs\T-mobile

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  • S0_R4

    Этот крутой смартфон можно купить всего за 8000 вот тут: http://ali.pub/kf793 . Сам заказывал, доехало замечательно, продавец проверенный, берите не пожалеете!!!

  • Yo girl Ashley

    Broke my iPhone 6 Plus
    Got a lg k7 now

  • carina calixto

    about how much does the phone coast

  • Jenn Mclane

    can anyone tell me how to activate word prediction on my k7?

  • Jenn Mclane

    can anyone tell me how to activate word prediction on my k7?

  • WaypointHD

    wow nice 9 ads in a 13 minute video

  • the dead meme

    broke my old k7…
    got a new k7

  • Hell Fire

    I've been a subscriber since 2,000, but I don't have metro pcs. I have t mobile

  • zoe lyman


  • zoe lyman

    when it said Front Camera..i was like damn..He looks dead inside XDXD

  • zoe lyman

    is the camera that hes using bad or is it that hes lying that there no lag?? XD i dont get it..

  • Phantom Joker

    So between this or LGK10, any other phone sold at Metro PCS can be mentioned, which one is better??

  • CiNtHyA & LAbEl

    i got mine from this tweeker couple

  • Edergoo Fake name

    I had an lg k7 but I forgot it at a bus stop… But i should be getting another lg k7 this week. Rip lg k7

  • Claudio Cruz

    the bigger the better 😂😂😂

  • Felix Trejo

    Great review of the LGK7. I also was disappointed that there is not a way to see the pictures by toggling one by one or even a way to delete the pictures if you want to. Please if you know a way to do this with this device, I really appreciated you do another video on this subject. Thanks.

  • Ryu 237

    my k7 which im using is white

  • Teri-lynn Pringle

    Can you please tell me how to screen shot things?

  • vicki-s75975 S

    I loved mine but it's broken..the screen looks broken inside or something

  • Eva Solei

    can u flash it to cricket?

  • Christian Moran

    they are always for getting to show us the texting feature plz show the texting feature that's  the main thing I really look at plz

  • Maria Arguez

    Thank you so much for your review. I bought this from Tmobile blindly as a gift for my husband since his phone broke. Now I feel relieved and confident it's just what he needs! Good job!

  • Snappy 69

    how much does it cost??

  • shun john

    Does anyone know how to set the default memory storage to SD Card only?

  • J. Santana

    It'd 1000 times better than the htc desire series

  • Juicytaz201 Productions

    does it have a hotspot