LG Stylo 2 Review! Boost Mobile

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Check out my latest video with the LG Stylo 2!

Purchase here for only $70: http://amzn.to/2mDWxvq

I reviewed my favorite case for this phone! 😀

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Stardust Dreams says:

I like this phone. Getting used to it was easy. lol! I'm only hesitating on updating to nougat. I've heard people have experienced issues after the update. The storage is the shit 😂😂😂😂

Rolando Perez says:

you have great review
but what's with the robotic voice

Klaudia Guerra says:

how do i put on the finger print lock?

WhiteLionGaming says:

who is buying this phone in 2017

Lupeolo Ngu says:

Love this phone! with the boostmobile promo in stores only I got my husband and I this phone for $29.99

AmazingPotatoBoy says:

do you know if the Boost mobile version is unlocked

wowVJsLTR says:

currently $49.99 at best buy (;

Fidget Spinner says:

does it have nfc

RedrZexGaming G says:

is this a good first phone. Thks. 🙂 😉

Adammyers1995 says:

I got mine for 66$ on sale over Christmas.

mrk107 says:

now this phone is $75 on best buy. I ordered it today from best buy.

S7 Rondo says:

Klay Thompson? lol kidding man.

AHessMess says:

Do they let you store apps on a memory card? I heard that LG would not let apps be saved outside the phone storage, which can really clog up a phone.

Patrick Cattey Anim says:

Can it be unlocked?

dan Jones says:

I want to buy this without a carrier. Can I run skype or magicjack if downloaded from the google apps? Is this phone also it's own hotspot, or would I need to be in wifi range? Also which headset(s) would you recommend for making calls?

Beamerman203 says:

just got it for 59 bucks on amazon brand new

Avatarblackwolf says:

Just to let you know Sprint is good where I live and the LTE is great!

Angel Perez says:

does this have a fingerprint sensor


my phone screen went black still works but the touch screen is fucked what do i do ?

Laysespeaks says:

I have the iphone 6, thinking about switching to android because of memory and the fact that you can't clear cached data on Iphone, do you think I would be able to feel a difference in performance, and camera quality if I got this phone? TIA

Heather and Joshua says:

The Stylo 2 is older then the Stylo 2 plus or is newer?

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