LG Stylo 3 Plus Full Review For Metropcs\T-Mobile

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Maricel McKenzie says:

zte zmax pro is much better screen display compare to lg g stylo 3 plus

Roy Eastham says:

Why can't LG quit putting out dim displays on the Stylo Plus lineup? I have Samsung J7 Perx and I love it over the Stylo Plus lineup for speed, color accuracy and brightness. I don't give a rip for NFC or fingerprint sensor if a poor screen quality.

SIlive says:

Is there a chance of Stylo 2 Plus dropping below hundred bucks on MetroPcs? Thanks.

Stickdoge1414 says:

I hope with the stylo 4 they put the snapdragon 630 or 625 and at least 3GB of ram

Stickdoge1414 says:

It's the snapdragon 435

SH0CKWAV3 YT says:

Watching this on my Stylo 3 plus 馃槏馃榾馃槂

TheAverageWonder says:

You should do a video of the Stylo 3 compared to the Zmax Pro

Eddie Luna says:

the lg k20 is better

Dan_ Playz random shit says:

how much it cost

Lance Tech says:

good & honest review as expected 馃憤馃挴

Michael Baker says:

Best budget phone on Metro. Feeling the design of the Stylo 2 Plus more but I'll be upgrading to this next week.

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