LG Tribute HD Boost Mobile Full Review

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Today I bring you the full detailed review of the Boost Mobile LG Tribute HD
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HardLuckNation says:

great phone but the battery takes FOREVER!!! to charge. Use any charger you want it's still charges slow as fuck

Rebecca Ordish says:

Is there an app to screen share with this phone?

maly mal says:

I'm getting this phone Friday I can't wait

Harley Quinn Fan 101 says:

do they sell this phone in t mobile?

William Escalante says:

it dont have a gallery for pics?

Hmong Radio 123 Entertainment says:

Good phone. Last long and still in good use for its price. Fantastic

William Chaffin JR says:

watching this review on my LG Tribute HD . Awesome phone for the money.

Menoetius says:

This phone sucks don't buy it. I'm probably about to throw it at a brick wall any moment.

Millicent Carter says:

this phone doesn't have video call

MIchael orlando says:

how do i open the gallery to review my photos?

HowToMakeBeats says:

This phone is cheap for a reason. One, the notification light doesn't work on them, 2) the volume all around is low, and 3) audio from call audio sounds muffled even when using speakerphone.. oh and I just learned today that there's a known headphone jack problem on these.. I thought it was just me.

Tavo Barrientos says:

Is anyone else experiencing problems plugging in any headphones/earphones? Cause my Tribute Hd is having that issue. Music is a must in my daily routine :c

Great Dragon says:

i havent bought a new phone in 4 years. i bought this, ill comment back after i test it my nerds 🙂

Paul Tech says:

Thanks for watching everyone. Please dont forget to Subscribe for more future videos. Thank you👍✌

Elizabeth Alicea says:

is this phone better than the lg stylo2??

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your videos about the phone

Twisted Vixen says:

How do you disconnect from a conference call without hanging everyone up.

Test Channel says:

You said this device has 16GB of memory. That's 16GB of storage, not memory. It has 1.5GB of RAM (memory).

Jordan Batchelor says:

Why is it called "HD"

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

hello i dont get the option for app drawer help please?

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