LG V20 Unboxing and initial impressions (Retail T-Mobile Version mini – review)

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Today I have for you the LG V20 from T-mobile. I just received my pre-order way in advance of the release date. please enjoy my Mini review of the device and Unboxing and initial impressions.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Unlocked from amazon:

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Mario Llamas says:

tk bay lg v20 or one plus 3t. such one would you buy both are 480$

Tson Richie says:

hi , quick question does the T Mobile version have the FM radio installed?

MrBam909bam says:

do you know how to root LG v20 on T-Mobile

Ficar Tumog says:

Where's the earphones?

newyork2080 says:

damn he talks a lot u don't gotta say everything in phone just main ones

newyork2080 says:

I love my v 20 0its good I'm not use to power button in back though I keep getting it confused from the sides

CL78698 says:

Wow i like how the box opens

Jeffrey Koenig says:

it looks like you can't really use all 5.5" of the GS7 (for regular use) as some is the curve?

MrBam909bam says:

is you going to make a video on how to root lg v20

Hong Heng says:

what color is this V20?

Lighthouse Keeper says:

Can it work with external mic like Rode Video Mic Pro?

bandidong tulisan says:

how is the speaker

CandleGuyFX says:

A faster tap on the fingerprint reader will wake the phone but not unlock it, you can try that ( same finger to unlock can wake the phone).

Will Frame says:

You can double-tap to wake to see notifications. That's basically the whole reason I like LG phones. I never use the power button.

Dwain C says:

Does this phone have active haptic feedback when using the keyboard? Example, when text messaging, typing in search bar, composing in email, etc?

RobQc says:

Great review can you tell me if this has the health sensor like my note to check your heart rate and such, I'm thinking very hard about this phone it seems to have everything that I want.

David Rodriguez says:

just double tap to wake the screen

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