LG X Power Review

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If you want a dirt-cheap phone with a huge battery, LG has got something for you: the LG X Power with its 4,100mAh battery…

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Danny Schwartz says:

u look like u gotta a big uncut euro cock?

Mike Johnston Sr. says:


Kangmin Ha says:

I'm about to get this phone. Is this good?

Darth Awar says:

I would buy the MotoZ Play (2016!) for great battery life followed by the Samsung A7 (2017) which also has IP68 and is only slightly less battery life to the Moto Z Play!

blueovalfan23 says:

got this phone about a week ago. mine is the 8 core version though. i'm liking it so far. not a huge fan of what lg done to andriod but there are app drawers and folders to fix my biggest complaint about the ui. it's really just a habit of having and using older versions of andriod. i think i'm past the learning curve stage now. seems to be behind me anyway. so far, i've not done much gaming with it, i can't vouch for it. just play fallout shelter lol. the battery though.. it's great, i'm finding myself more using the phone more because it does do web browsing and youtube without issue. i can play one it 1/2 the day literally and it's still going strong in the evening. it's not a top shelf samsung but people often get more phone than they need. this thing i would think would fit most people's demands with ease and battery to spare. i'm coming from a hydro icon, the warp elite i had croaked. both decent phones but the xpower is better than both of them even disregarding the battery. i'm please with the purchase and giving up the rugged features of the hydro. if you are considering it, go ahead, you won't be disappointed especially when you check the battery.

HardLuckNation says:

I have this phone, yeah the auto focus is very bad especially when recording videos

crashware says:

can someone tell me, is this phone free of bootloop?

4 spd life says:

there is a app drawer in the home screen settings it gives u an option to download an lg launcher with app drawer and with my phone volume up during a call it sounds just fine

Shawn White says:

the camera sucks

Willie Peck says:

my LG X Power has a mediatek MT6755 which is octacore 1.8 GHz with 2GB of RAM. handles very nicely and battery life is amazing! I paid about $150 for the phone and there was a Virgin Mobile promotion so I also got 6 months of free normally $45 service added on.

rafael diaz says:

LMAO any relation to the terminator ?

Yung Xan says:

the audio quality is excellent on my set

ishalalacandulah Tooki215 says:

He is so sexy.

iam_rehab says:

i just got this phone from boostmobile today. its a major upgrade from that shit alcatel onetouch. im loving it so far. its better than my old Galaxy S5 active.

tmorales509 says:

This or the Galaxy J3 Emerge?

Lương Tôn says:

ngon vãj nồj

I'm feeling lucky, punk says:

That bezel is so fvcking wide you could land a plane on it.

Giorgos Metalhear says:

Why is it a bad boy? What did it do to you?

Shareema Livingston says:

Glad you did this review on the phone. My 13 and 12 year old want this phone.

Lukasz Z says:

In Poland LG X pro 180euro vs nexus 5x 280e.

jamir gordon says:

one thing I don't get.
my phone has 1400 MAH
and it charges faster than a Samsung with 3000 MAH
this comment makes no sense.

Jerzyslugga says:

Is it true this doesn't have bluetooth

-Suburban- says:

I've been using an X Power a lot over the last few weeks. It locked up once running iHeartRadio, and I don't like the power button being opposite the volume controls, but besides those smallish issues all is well. I couldn't find a pre-loaded game, something simple like solitaire or Tetris without loads of ads would have been nice. For the price, it's very good, even for a multi-tasker.

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