Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Android: Regret? | Galaxy S8 Review After 72 Hours!

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Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Android): 72 Hours Later (First Impressions/Review)

Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 after using it for 72 hours straight…from a lifetime iPhone user’s perspective!

What do you think of the S8?

Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Camera Comparison:
Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus SPEED TEST:
Apple Fanboy Unboxes Galaxy S8:
First 13 Things To Do After Unboxing Galaxy S8:

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Brandon Butch says:

Since a lot of comments are pointing out the same things, let me clear them up.

1. Yes, I really have to hold the phone up high to register my eyes because I use my phone while standing (standing desk) 90% of the time. So my natural position to hold the phone is directly in front of me (at eye height), not looking down at it.

2. Yes, animations are faster when changing from 1x to 0.5x. I've done this already and noticed animations are snappier. Nice!

3. Yes, YouTube audio pausing when clicking a link is a massive pet peeve of mine. And yes, if you have YouTube Red, the audio continues to play after clicking a link on Android.

Why do I like the audio to continue playing? Because I watch a lot of podcasts and videos that don't require always watching and when I click a link I want to keep hearing it.

4. This was never supposed to be a full review. Just simply my impressions after 3 days.

5. Thanks for watching!

Jay Castillo says:

Apple is Legendary and that's a fact

Saadman Tayeeb says:

Really great video.I am also an iphone user and was looking from a first impression video from someone who's the same as me.Really helped me out because i wanted to know what an iohone user thinks of the s8.Also all your iphone videos are amazing!Learned a lot from those.Cant thank you enough

Jonatan Suarez says:

the s8 is huge i'm also a iphone user but when i see the s8 i'm definitely gonna change from apple products getting suck every year there is nothing new from the iphone 6.. so s8 its better than iphone

Wesley Wenhold says:

Loved the video keep up the great work. Watching your videos and seeing this channel grow helps me take the steps needed to one day becoming a tech YouTube reviewer. 👍 I am a iPhone user mainly because I love the vast ecosystem but you have a great point mentioned in the video. MULTI-TASKING! This is why I tend to go buy android phones. Being a heavy user multitasking is a must. Definitely one of my fav android features by far!

Mark Rogers says:

great video haven't had a chance to use the s8 to really see if I like it but I've been using an iPhone for the last few months and I just miss a lot of Samsung features​and the way it let's me customize things but good review

Joe Paniagua says:

1:08 it doesn't pause in my S7 Edge

osama qamar says:

This video seems cool , the content creation is getting better and im starting to love them

jay says:

weird because i clicked a link in the description and the video was still playing. i have an s7 tho 🤔

Marc-Antoine V says:

i'm an apple guy and juste made the switch to the s8. by now i am fully satisfied!

Frankie Bagz says:

Try using nova launcher for even more features!

Javier Hernandez says:

oh yeah actually the call quality can be better when I recorded videos on my 7 plus it was a little quieter but Samsung puts pretty sensitive microphones. I honestly prefer it it makes speech enabled apps work better Siri was a bitch.

Ezell Cox says:

YouTube should continue to play if you're using the app. That's not an Android thing

Sam Jones Projects says:

Really nice video, I enjoyed how you detail the day to day experience rather than just the specifications!

David Hernandez says:

Haha you make me want an iphone, but i really want the S8 Plus and have always used android and Samsung. i have never tried an iphone in my life. 😅

blackcatooow says:

First impressions after 72 hours

Robert Draper says:

are you a f….

Anton Iliev says:

Biased user. Unfollowing.

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