Light Phone Unboxing and Review

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Here’s my unboxing and review of the Light Phone minimalist cellphone (or “dumbphone”) purchased off Kickstarter.


Life Marafon says:

I like it. Very futuristic

Hritik says:

$50 is the correct price…

Sunny Zhao says:

Thanks for the vid. The light phone looks kinda cool. loved it!

The cool zebra Dude says:

You only have 19 subs you don't have to buy that for the Videos like bro

The Light Phone says:

Thanks for supporting our project and sharing this review. We apologize for being less clear than we could have around some aspects of the experience, please let us know if you ever have any questions, the best way to get a hold of us is . Take care!

John Buckle says:

They're asking for 150US for this pile of garbage

Dwayne Mckoy says:

Hey Michael. Apparently they give all people who pre-order the phone 5 months of their service for free. That probably explains how you were able to make that call with a NY number. Their service is $5 per month, so when the free time period is up you will probably have to start paying.

canal curioso tv says:

I would like to use some images from your incredible report, but I need your authorization.
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Do R/C! says:

The number you got on the phone is part of the 5 month free deal then it will cost $5 a month I wouldn't worry about the phone not working. Light doesn't say which carrier they are partnered with from what I can see but, for instance, t-mobile is promising 2g coverage until 2020. I would imagine they chose a carrier that will be around for a while.

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