Living with iPhone X

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Life with the iPhone X explained in a 10-minute video. Marco is back and shares his experience with Apple’s latest and greatest. Stay tuned for the full review! Follow Marco on social:

  • pizza4jesus 2

    follow me pls best tech vids

  • SlighceTUNES

    Hope you see this. Listen to me, nobody interacts with the top of their phone where the notch is. Regardless if it's previous generations of iPhones, the time and signal bar etc are the only things that's been up there so why kill it when you're browsing the web or doing anything else. Nothing is wrong with the notch, if anything it's the best thing to have to get more screen real-estate. If the notch went straight across then your content would've been smaller but instead Apple pushed the signal, battery etc up to accommodate more content in the phone. So you people can stop talk about the notch now. It's fine

  • joe joe joe joe

    A smart phone over 500 dollars is not justifiable. It is actually even comical when phones are on a 12 month refresh cycle. Stop over paying for phones. Plus the razer phone destroys Iphone X and that is still overpriced at 699 dollars.

  • Albert Diaz

    Not sure if I'm not using my X as much as I used my 8 Plus but for some reason I have been getting a day to a day and a half of battery. I feel like I use it as much as I used to use my 8 Plus

  • 29kalel

    Battery life: WRONG! iOS 11.2 beta 6 gives the iPhone X battery life as long as the 8 plus.

  • 29kalel

    The screen is 120 hertz during icon switching.

  • 29kalel

    Hey dude! The notch houses 8 sensors. You sound like someone who is whining about the notch. The notch is fine.

  • tjbands dotson

    Dat junt look litt

  • Searching4Truth

    Bro embrace the notch just like you embraced the notch on your head

  • Duane

    accidental screenshots….you are speaking the cold hard truth. My #iPhoneX Video:

  • L Silver

    He said that 1000 is a justifiable price for a smartphone.

    Let that sink in your brain, let that marinate.

  • L Silver

    what a shit video.

  • Chen G

    Ah another ignorant reviewer. OLED panels don't have low refresh rates. You don't get gaming OLED monitors because you don't get OLED monitors period. OLED can refresh much faster than LCD can.
    Channel blocked.


    He is a real fool

  • ilyaskingofkings


  • Mario Sandoval

    Im getting 6hrs on mine

  • Meng Boreth

    Bro! Even the iPhone x battery capacity is smaller than the plus model, but it can last longer than the iPhone 8 plus.

  • Gabriel666 sparda

    Technically speaking its the 11th or 12th generation. If you count from 2g but oh well whatever floats your boat.

  • Fox Hound

    No money no honey

  • Kaushik Talukdar

    you look like a pancake

  • romie cruz

    The right name for this channel is appleDOG haha…

  • Wade Griffiths

    The notch is a disgrace. Rubbish design. Rest of it is great.

  • Armand Sarkani

    This is NOT the tenth generation iPhone, it is the tenth YEAR of iPhone, but the eleventh (or twelfth, depending on how you count) generation iPhone.