Long-term Review: Kyocera Brigadier – The Best Android Phone of the Year?

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Kyocera went BEAST MODE in building the Brigadier, and they’re only the second company to use Sapphire Crystal for their display. After using the Brigadier for a couple months, let’s chat about the experience of using this rugged little brick…
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Michael Nielsen says:

I have had this phone since the first day it came out and have dropped it in water, have accidentally stepped on it, and dropped it so many times. I highly recommend this phone for people that drop there phones a lot.

Ben Crissman says:

Yeah had one I've these, 3 years now. I've thrown it, drove over it with my truck picked it up off the road. But it anit got much other quality. its screen is scratch proof, But will shatter like tempered glass but hey I wrote this comment with it:)

RagingWhiteman says:

@JuanBagnell Droid Turbo is Qi wireless charing.

rusty golden says:

got mine used from Verizon as a replacement for an HTC 526 that just never worked right, , ya it was from the trade in box but one great upgrade for me

Jay Winters says:

Enjoyed your Brigadier review. Question: please open up your charging port flap and take a close look and see if it has a small o-ring on it. Mine, I thought had one. Contacted Kyocera for to have them send one and they want to send phone back and make me go without. Crazy! I can put it on myself. ….or is there not supossed to be one?

Christopher etter says:

kool phone great review

v gray says:

My brigadier has been a pain in a__for Verizon they keep trying to get me to upgrade but why this phone has lasted two years easy no problems other than charger cover I was averaging two to for phones a year them days are gone I can't wait for the next version as good as this one .

Ginger Hoover Willis says:

How to remove the battery?

Tristan VonWolfenhasen says:

does anybody know if it will support Android Wear

Tricia Linfield says:

My husband has a bad habit of getting angry and throwing his phone… he's destroyed a Droid Maxx and Droid Mini. he works on asphalt equipment too. do you think this phone can take that sort of beating?

AzuMentch36 says:

Now that Kyocera announced that the DuraForce Pro will be coming, I'm looking forward to seeing your long-term review of that device when that is released. That would make for a good comparison against the Brigadier, which it will replace.

austin cutty says:

ha you made me laugh when you said the battery was good

Wolven says:

Just got one of these babies.Never going back to my SIII

Dayne Rasmussen says:

Hey Juan, can I use any wireless charger or do I have to use a Kyocera charger?

S Turner says:

So I have had a this phone for about going on 2 years now cause my dad wanted me to get a smart phone that he didn't want me keep having to replace it all the time. Other then once I had to exchange it cause the flap that covers the charging port on the bottom of the phone broke off this phone is truly beyond words awesome. It takes a beating and I don't have to worry about it. Maybe cause I don't take it camping and all the things "dura" things it suppose to do but I love my tough little beast and I wouldn't have any other phone mostly when I am a clutz. All the best

Stark says:

another question. can i get this phone and use it with t mobile?

Stark says:

does this phone have problem with overheating when used with high processing apps? i play fate grand order, and some other games that are almost as demanding on the specs. my phone is LG Optimus L90. it is not high end, but i am assuming that the kyo brig is higher specs and much tougher.

Tony Laury says:

does anyone know if you can download that dura widget as shown on the weather clock

Dominic Indovino says:

This phone or the Casio commando?

strpl2 says:

does it take a nano Sim ? thanks


am begining to love this beast.

Tony Sommer says:

No nice to watch a video in which the guy who made it has a great Mic voice and knows how to talk!

Be Be says:

yeah, is the camera synthetic also, as would b assumed?

Vincent DeGennaro says:

I own the Casio Commando 4g lte and it is just as incredible, you can leave it powered on and freeze it then take it out of the freezer, set it on a table as a block of ice then call your phone and it works, then I dropped it off my roof 30ft high to brake it free from an ice cube and it looks brand new and works just as well and it only cost me $50 on eBay.

John Bagley says:

You didn't mention one of its key points for me, the ability to use the phone while wearing gloves. Like with the water on the screen, it's not perfect, but it can be done.

_ M4™ says:

The Verizon logo turned me off.

Sean Johnston says:

I've had this phone for two years and still no scratches… And I've ran it over with cars, threw off buildings, play catch with it…so I'd definitely say it's indestructible


the sonim xp 7 can destroy any other smartphone that is supposed to be rugged including the droid turbo 2 and this phone … it is far superior and will literally obliterate any of these…


don't buy this phone it's made of crappy plastic in a fake sapphire screen that you can scratch with a butter knife if you really try and I have owned it for approximately 3 months and after the second month I dropped it on the screen from about 4 feet and the whole thing shattered

Cruz Amatic says:

How bout a compairsome this kyro brigadier and the moto droid turbo2 !!! price im not worried about i understand its more, but im interested in durability, fast, front speeakers,and a good cam. im a outdoors person, kayak fish, mt bike etc.i have had the moto barrage casio g zones commando luved it. and now the Samsung rugby pro its so so. so what next? thx

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