Lords Mobile: New hero review (sike)

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Jewels, new hero and F2P gear talk…..(just watch — it will explain itself)


Swag Master says:

You should do a minecraft let's play………haha I just triggered the comments section. Lmfao don't do that or I'm unsubbing haha try world of warships :0

Sanjeev Acharya says:

war robot is great. and u have a chance even as a f2p.also unknown battleground is on the hype with vnn and stridox already making videos of it

PogMoThoin says:

I never know exactly what to put on my talents when I'm gearing up for war. I try to have some buffs on all three troop types but its not until ive saved my talent set that I can really see all the stat numbers. I wish we could see our battle stats in the talent window as we're setting them.

KingHTV says:

I will max the new hero, have to support the developers.

Mama Papa says:

why do you always avoid getting into the details 🙁

A Gorilla #ChiefBeef says:


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