Maze Blade Unboxing And Hands-On Review $99 Mobile

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Unboxing of Maze Blade a budget octa-core dual SIM 5.5″ mobile. It’s currently $99 here: with coupon MAZEGB More info on the Blade:

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radieroslaw says:

Excellent build quality? Look at bottom of the phone. There is a huge gap.

John Lloyd Tarucan says:

this is literally the same phone as Firefly mobile aurii envy.

RUS says:

It would be nice to see you reviewing the Hafury Umax (cheap phone at $70 on Gearbest).

Frédo Gubrt says:

For multimedia and android tasks the mt6753 is waaaaay enough and very smooth, even for light gaming (but there is no games an android that worth a high end SoC anyway so)

Mrinal Choudhury says:

i must say that u live in a gorgeous place

Mrinal Choudhury says:

camera performance was good for the price

Izzie says:

I feel like that 3D performance isn't normal. I know it's a cheap phone but… Have you reviewed any other handsets with a similar chipset and ram configuration?

gabest4 says:

At least you get almost 16cm for the money. This phone is huge!

Mohamad Noor says:

Great review , the phone is total shit and they copied xperia design

Robert Tech says:

Nice phone !

Floppy Bird says:

very attractive brick you have
woth every cent
😀 ……….. it could be better with the new Android GO OS (alleged)

Manjit Sarma says:

looks awesome! 👍

Jiří Huser says:

I'd rather pay 30$ more to get note 4x from xiaomi.

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