Mi Max 2 – Review – Should you buy this mobile?

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  • Phonelicious

    Would you like to buy a mobile with such a big screen?

  • Technical Adnan


  • Aadil Desai

    Sir I want to buy it but is any good phone is there in this price

  • Rahul Kabir

    Yes you should buy this phone.. ..

  • Dee Winchester

    great review, but it looks like you don't know how to take pictures with it.. my photos are clear, sharp and very nice… only in dark there's a lot of noise, but i really like this phone, better than overpriced apple.

  • Miguel Gaming

    The phone that the size and performance matters

  • manhal shinnawi

    Yes i like the bigs screens they are good for media

  • MA Chohan

    I want to buy this phone but please tell me that does this phone looks odd in hands or I will become used to it after few days??? By the way I am 6 feet guy and have pretty good size hands.. moreover I like all features of this phone

  • HelioGenesis -HS

    hi sir does this phone has network preferred mode.like switching 3g to 4g mode,i prefer this mode available it does help me save alot battery,when manual switching this network type

  • Hemant Kshirsagar

    Guys never purchase any Mi products, the reasons are:-
    1) No Spares after sales, even if available they are priced to a level of filthy high price where you better dumb the phone itself for a new one.
    2) Xiaomi/MI never takes responsibility of the software they release, nearly every version has some or the other faulty, no android version updates, only releases build on the same version your android phone sold on. The bugs that are there in the releases are usually critical.
    3) You will be frustrated by the support that is provided on the forum. If you say your 3g is not working, they will say clear cache and remove your battery and eventually they ask to reset the phone, which usually do not work or some paid bots will reply, that they do not have this issue and voila, admin marks the question as answered and closes it.

  • Dextroy 007

    2:30 whats that game?