Mini Card Phones – What Are They? SOYES H2 Review

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In this video, I’m checking out the mini card phone from China. If you are curious what’s the purpose of it, watch this video.
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TednTin says:

would you prefer this one over Vphone S8?

TnJcanodezo says:

@1:15 80 Gb ? -_- it has 8 gb you silly man you

alex malone says:

what name?how much costă ?

cv rashi says:

wher is get it now am saudi arabia plese reply my message

Benoit Sinclair says:

Can you send SMS tom this as a standalone phone? Can you connect to wireless headphones?

cbm80amiga says:

Linus, are you from Finland?

Sabeer Shamsudeen says:

Does it support LTE

Martin Irechukwu says:

I like the size but i wouldn't buy this. At this point i think I'm totally weaned off feature phones if not for anything, i just cba to program my contacts all over again. Unless there's a way of synchronising my phone contacts with this device.

Redskull says:

Only 850 to go till 15K! You can do it!

Daniel Esimu says:

$34 is ok for a small backup phone but not a daily driver coz I might misplace it easily.
Even in developing economies it will not win many hearts to me meehhh!!!!!

Donald RockJr says:

A shame it's only 2g as it wouldn't work here in the States.

sebastian razatroc says:

It's great to see something different

peace gamer says:

wohhh…i want that phone!

Debarpan Saha says:

wow!!! looks weird but great…. 🙂

Lars loves Tech says:

great little device…i love the bluetooth function for using the dialer on your phone…that has potential and of course linus…there is no headphone jack because it would be too big for the device

Jakob Ginzburg says:

Waiting for the next Nokia (non smart) phone

Arpit Jain says:

Nubia Z11 6+64GB Black & Gold today launched in India for 440$…. For the same price OP3T is also available so which one should i go for?

bios47 says:

They're for prisoners.

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