Mint Sim by Ultra Mobile Review Part 1: First impressions

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Since there seems to be no other videos or reviews on it, I figured I should take a leap at reviewing Mint Sim by Ultra Mobile. So far it seems to work well, and I will make another video on this next week for the full in depth analysis.

(Cellphone used in video is the Hauwei Honor 5X)


007K says:

My final Mint sim review is finally up! –

Aziz AIT-RABAH says:

Just horrible music

Bentley Milnes says:

new subscriber. I'm going to try this end of the month goodbye MetroPCS it's been fun all miss you they have a special $11a month and some change if you buy 3 months in advance

Ken Zauter says:

I love Mint Sim! I put it next to my Project Fi phone (which supposedly uses T-Mobile as well) and Mint Sim blew it away using Speed Test. Also, in areas where Fi was dropping calls, Mint Sim didn't. Also, considering the enormous amount of "low band spectrum" T-Mobile just acquired and will soon be deploying things seem to only be looking up.

Mohith Maratt says:

Pretty much a fake company with fake promises. Say they have great coverage in Houston, but 90% of the time there is NO NETWORK. 99.9% of the time, there is NO INTERNET. This is in Houston Downtown!!! Customer care helpless and useless. Glad I took just the 3 month package. Back to AT&T in a week. No refund too!

Hadar/Julian Work says:

Just activated my mintsim in my iphone6. so far so good! It was easy and my number was ported in about 30 seconds! I will revise my post if I start having issues with the service!

Jeff Milburn says:

BUYER BEWARE! MinSim will not work with Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S5 Sport, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge, Apple iPhone 4s or 5. MintSim is an MNVO of T-Mobile and the above phones from Sprint while they have Sim Cards and LTE capabilities they cannot be unlocked for Domestic use in the USA ( MintSim does not tell you this upfront and will refuse refunds if you order and try to activate not knowing it won't work with your phone. They also frequently don't pick up their support phones for hours on end.


i Switch to Mint Wireless i love it … No Problem … iam in the City of Chicago so my signal Is Excellent i sign up for the Every 3 months Plan … … they have a deal when you first sign up "…. $60 bucks for 3 months & After ward $119.00 Every 3 months … round $40 bucks a Month … Not bad … compared to what i was paying with my other Service $60 a Month… you do the Math. .. .

Havel The Wall says:

hows customer service?

Gamefreak77x says:

make another video with another update (: also thanks for the great review

Gamefreak77x says:

make another video with another update (: also thanks for the great review

Rico Ettson says:

Can I use a sprint phone on this?

goochbuntu says:

2g is what you're connected to on your sim and the other one was connected no lte

Trevlyn Stapleton says:

how are you liking the phone service now? Can you make emergency calls with this sim card?

Vinaya Kumara says:

It says Invalid Activation Code for me 🙁

chltmdwp says:

Hey 007k, does Mint Sim offer automatic pay such as monthly or 3 months? I can't find any info on their website.

swiperboy sb says:

currently on metro pcs for $25 per month. my speedtest with their 4g lte is 90+ dl and 30+ ul.
idk if i should take a chance and try that trial period 3 month price of about $12 bucks per month for 3 months…

Jose Nivlag says:

Saw this on CNET's Cheapskate's Corner. I got the $35 for 3 months @ 2G per month. Just renewed 6 months for $120 @ 2G. It does use T-Mobile. Running a special now 5G for $20 per month if buy for year. Unfortunately for me, new customers only.

Jonathan K says:

Android Central ran a story on these guys today so I attempted to chat or speak with a rep at Mint SIM. Unfortunately I've yet to get a reply or return phone call after nearly 2 hours. Their FAQ for changing APN settings is far too general though I suspect most MNVO's are the same. Seems to me the service they provide is good, but there's no support. But then the trial period for new customers paying less than $12/mo totally rocks. I need answers however.

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