MKX Mobile 1.13 update. ALL 4 NEW CHARACTERS GAMEPLAY + Quick Review! BARAKA AND JADE!

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Mortal Kombat X Mobile Update 1.13 ALL NEW CARDS GAMEPLAY + REVIEW. SCOURGE BARAKA, ASSASSIN JADE, TREACHEROUS TANYA and DIAMOND TIER KLASSIC LIU KANG. We play with every new character from mkx mobile 1.13, test their special attacks and abilities. More videos on the new MKX update are coming, don’t forget to subscribe!

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Stygian Zinogre says:


A Real Djsquishy says:

I can't wait to try baraka and jade

Wolf Max says:

did u know that if u type mkx mobile. he is the top one

RadicalRyAminoid says:

Holy shit this is crazy

ProjectGames BR says:

I love you, StarInSky <3

Chandler York says:

ima redownload just for this update

_ zara_ says:

even diamond liu kang is challenge character ?

juniormja27 says:

are those new characters available for purchase already?

Devilkiller 0 says:

starin sky plz do 3 spec ops scorpion

Tyler Williams says:

wait until that challenge come my revalent liu kang is already promoted I will be waiting for the challenge thank you so much starlnsky I am through studying my enemies

Vignesh Rao says:

can we get tournament quan chi and elder god kenshi in challenge pack

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