MKX Mobile 1.13 Update. DIAMOND KLASSIC LIU KANG Review! Strongest Diamond Character???

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Mortal Kombat X Mobile Update 1.13 DIAMOND TIER KLASSIC LIU KANG Maxed out Faction Wars Gameplay. Klassic Liu Kang special attacks, X-Ray and detailed review. Best ways to use Klassic Liu Kanf in MKX Mobile 1.13.

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Brootlyn Zu says:

I know I'm scared, you coward.

Immanuel Raj says:

When did this update come

David Musinschi says:

Star a character u need to put in liu kang best team is hellspawn scorpion

ferry tayle says:

STAR, I've noticed that on my gameplay you've got to make "contact" with your opponent to perform X-ray regardless of unblockable moves or not. Anyone encountered this?

Patrick Kenney says:

Never subscribe to anything but you deserve it man. Great work, big fan. Don't let any haters get to you.

IDK Squad says:

And why cant i play in Faction Wars? I dont even have the option to select it. Pls answer Starinsky

IDK Squad says:

Hey guys is the update online for us?

emanuel rojas says:

best team for Klassic Lui Kang. is Klassic lui kang, assassin jade since she makes tag in faster. and outlaw erron black to block on tag in

PainStation3 says:

MKX opponent matching is absolutely horrible…you play the same hackers over and over. You put one diamond on your team, and face a team of three diamonds.

HappyPopcorn says:

Sky i heard happygamer is a phishing site is that true please reply

Nanop Samatthiyadeekul says:

Well… the fight with Luna, first X-ray of Liu Kang is short range, you push Scorpion away so it didn't hit and second, X-ray will always available to use even you are crippled.

Spot 21 says:

Next review with Assassin Jade pls

daffa zain says:

classic liukang, triborg cyrax , hat trick kunglao i think the best on critical attack

Antonio Reyes says:

His specials is badass 🙂

Ultimate Lich King says:

Diamond Liu Kang could be the best boss clearer character in this game because the amount of Special 2 damage are just insane especially when it crits

Y Awale360 says:

he looks sick

Damir Ibragimov says:

Noooo best ronin kenshi !!! (456k). Damage!!

Master Gaming says:

Wow he's good

rhabhi gillespie says:

thank you for taking the time to show us these new characters! I'm constantly dwelling on the state of this world and I am so grateful for this game because it has become my ONLY way of escape! your videos are also so much more preferable to the constant political bombardment of youtube! again, thank you!

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