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Scourge Baraka Challenge review in Mortal Kombat X Mobile. Last battles and BOSS Baraka fight USING ONLY ONE HAND! Baraka is a mediocre characters, but it’s a free MKX Mobile character, I’ll take it:)

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LilJosephTheNinja17634 Gaming says:

Dark emperor liu kang is in the store for the anniversary special and Klassic Scorpion Klassic Sub Zero and kobu jutsu Tanya

TheLegend27 says:

Put ur friggin phone on the table u idiot and u sound like u r masturbating

Phranakorn meesuk says:

Why baraka challenge isn't come to my account?(server ASIA)

Htty-XD JCHH says:

They are disgusting s BARAKA

Hitman 1234 says:

I need to use someone's account plz I want to try baraka plz plz

Hitman 1234 says:

Can I use someone's account to try Lui Kang and all the diamond cards plz

MLG Panda says:

really?! lui kang?!

Ben Wills says:

since im done with mkx mobile. im saving up 500$ to buy a ps4 and mkx because i cant get it for ps3

Nala Bagnu says:

I Don't have the challenge wtf these is lag or a bug plsss help me i want baraka

Adam Juneman says:

thanks for the info bout DELK, I just fused mine to full awesome. great vid StarInSky 👍 thank u mate

jason smith says:

your videos are amazing

Rekt Fgt says:

I dont have the challenge WTF help me what should I do


Yo starinsky, Baraka is really good if you give him unblockable equipment like sento blade and equipment that gives him damage boost to opponents who have bleed, like killer wasp. Also, you don't use him well. I got him after winning the challenge and he is amazing if you give him unblockable equipment and use him well. He isn't mediocre lol, no character from now on will be mediocre.

Pedro Henrique says:

I think I heard a cosplay in the video HAHAHAHA🎶

Edward Dem Powa says:

we don't talk anymooore

BLACK 769 says:

14 Day noooooooooo

JMc 99.1 says:


Zahraa Jaafar says:


P and T Vlogs says:


Zahraa Jaafar says:


Jojje4567 says:

Gonna be fun to give the Tarkatan a well-earned beatup.

Tybear 3325 says:

i also seen flaming fist liu kang in the store to buy with souls.

mark max says:

I didn't know that you such a strong man

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