MKX Mobile. Kold War Sonya Challenge Review (Last Battles). RAIDEN IS BACK!

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Kold War Sonya Blade Challenge is finally here in Mortal kombat X Mobile, and me and my buddy Raiden are here to review it! Kold War Sonya Challenge is one of the first challenges in MKX Mobile, so it’s very easy, but we managed to have fun anyway:)

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StarInSky says:

Guys, subscribe to the channel, it means a world to me:) It shows your love and support and makes me motivated to make more videos for you!

FuriousF' Alex says:

hey i got a question how did you get the event so fast?

ShellHawk108 says:

If u do the intros for injustice 2 mobile just the way u did for MKX ,it will be great .but don't stop doing ur funny intros ,they are great too

MR GAMER XL184 says:

Sorry guys I can't make anymore hacked accounts I tried to do one more time and it wouldn't let me

Adolf Hitler says:

for me the chalange isn't arrive 😔😔😔

Gill Sewak says:

starinsky how get buy slasher jason

Canto3 says:

I like the intro and the mkx content. Nicely done dude. Good stuff. I follow forever! Good job

Itz Night says:

Everything you do is great i love all of your intros

superstarIRG says:

Your the best you make my day and I always come to you to see what charters to you's thank you your the best

FlamingNinja Gaming says:

i wish they bring back day of the dead kitana challenge…she awesome

TheHell says:

I dont have the challenge 🙁

Laponac Gaming Heroj Laponac Gaming Heroj says:

this one is the best

chinnu reddy says:

starinsky ur mkx dialogue intro isn't good. I too like ur second intro than ur previous intro. can u tell me when will update 1.13 come

Ajan33 says:

and please do the intro thing that was funny

Ajan33 says:

İll shove em up your ass and fire
Almost always hot LMAO

z Bolt z says:

Are you ruski??

Nicolas Cato Strode says:

This intro was sweet!

Billy The lich king says:

I do like these new intros senpai 😉

Oyuncu KAFASI says:

This intro is on fire. İts awsome

Ashish Kumar says:

i m liking this new intro video
Thats amazing

Obuyes hale says:

I got kolf war Sonya max lvl… and dark empress kitana max basically, I have all characters check it on my channel, all that I am missing is, "ElderGod Kenshi, Triborg, QuanChi."

bandu kale says:

this intro is best

PurpleLED says:

ive now got kold war sonya fused twice. She is awesoeme. Glad i got her from the elite pack first lol.

Chris Kon says:

i need help, i associated my main wbid with the wrong account, so i probably lost my main account for ever, is there any way i can get my main account back?

EMG #12 says:

Dang nice intro

Rygel Black says:

this one is better

Renisance2K says:

I like this intro WAY more. More mature like you said, stick wit this 1.
& do the MKX intros you were talkin bout. I've seen others put em up on YouTube & they're great. I'm sure you'll put your own lil twist on em, so yea, go for it.

George Vassilakis says:

Why is the Kold War Sonya challenge not showing up for me, all it shows is the Dark Empress Kitana

sohan hiremath says:

star cool intro

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