Mobile Legends HILDA SPOTLIGHT (Full Review)

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Mobile Legends HILDA SPOTLIGHT (Full Review) So here you have a full hero review/Spotlight/gameplay of the new hero Hilda in mobile legends! Is this the best hero in the game? Do you think this hero is strong?

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay
Mobile Legends Hilda Review
Mobile Legends Hero Spotlight

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Sebastian Freytag says:

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FireChamber Gaming! says:

Whos the winner of the giveaway bluepanda…

Lucas Wolff says:

When komms the Update?

Caspernova Mr Nova says:

I think she can be a beast as a tank as well as a burst damage hero

Louise Drake says:

does the 1st ability remind anyone else of posidon from smite

Louise Drake says:

the crab is between the lord and the lane on live server

dionisius wiratama says:

chou or hilda????

ozzie Ozcan says:

how to download 1.1.76 vers

fereirra _ says:

Never fight hilda in the bush πŸ˜‚

godofwar lod player says:

tnx for the build for alucard I have been winning 10times in a row every day

Hardini 2599 says:

her 2nd skill just like Lu Bu in Heroes Evolve, im gonna buy this hero, dis iz Lu Bu in moba -_- im not surprised,

Unknown Video says:

umm blue panda can you do hilda unstoppable build

Loyloypogita Animates says:

8:28 FFFFFFFFFFUTURE increase by 120 pts LOL

Violet Panda says:

Nc Brother keep it up

Suzakie maikie says:

Why Don't I Have A Hilda In My Game

Rated SPG says:

8:22 The struggles though haha. πŸ˜‚β€πŸ’™

Soleil Cruz says:

Its just like balmond in a girl version


dont buid full crit Hilda

just dont….

Luqman Ashraf says:

She is similar to balmond

Thunderzoom 1 says:

BluePanda can i ask..what is better roamer,physical,or fighter emblem? Guys u can decide too.

Shabu Shabi says:

Hilda only knock's the target a little bit

H20Bubblez says:

yo bro you should make a video on the HUGE bug in the game, it still isn't fixed been on for 3 days

sammy 428 says:

dude dont u think she will get nerfed just like alpha cause she is too op?????

Vortex Company says:

guys can I ask something
how to get easy diamond in ML but not gonna be banned.
hope have nice respond;)

Kazuto Hitoshi says:

How much BP for Hilda?

Vraeus Monstee says:

Hilda form beelzebub πŸ˜‚

Endrit Shabani says:

Hilda is very stronge and this vidio are very nice



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