Mobile Legends Patch Review With All Patch Notes

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Patch Notes:
I. Weekly Free Hero Rotation and New Skins
1. 8 free rotation heroes: server time 2017/5/19 05:00:00 to 2017/5/26 05:01:00 (check server time in system options)
Balmond, Akai, Bruno, Kagura, Natalia, Fanny, Ruby, Moskov
6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Karina, Franco, Lolita, Hayabusa, Chou, Hilda
8 free rotation heroes: server time 2017/5/26 05:00:00 to 2017/6/2 05:01:00 (check server time in system options)
Chou, Saber, Nana, Franco, Bruno, Minotaur, Hayabusa, Johnson
6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Akai, Clint, Sun, Alpha, Yi Sun-shin, Cyclops
2. New Hero Skins:
【Yi Sun-shin】-【Apocalypse Agent】, 599 diamonds, 30% off for the first week of release.
【Yun Zhao】-【Eastern Warrior】, June Starlight Member exclusive skin.
II. Hero Balance Adjustment
Passive: Skills’ lifesteal inherit from items increased from 100% to 115%
Quick Draw: the attack range of the intensified basic attack increased from 6.3 to 6.5
Basic attack: penetration damage adjusted from 1.1 for all level to 0.4~1.1 (increases with level)
Abyss Walker: increased attack speed adjusted from 30/40%/50%/60%/70%/80% to 20/26%/32%/38%/44%/50%; penetration damage adjusted from 1.3 for all level to 0.5~1.2 (increases with level)
Miya’s model remade to give her a more valiant appearance
Slightly adjusted Tigreal’s model
III. Battle Spells & Gear Adjustment
Gear Items:
【Fallen Sword】
Name changed to ‘Demon Hunter Sword’; attributes adjusted to: +35 physical attack, +25% attack speed, +400 max HP; unique passive ‘devour’ adjusted to: basic attack will deal extra damage that’s equal to 10% (was 8%) of target’s current HP.
【Thor’s Sting】
Name changed to ‘Windtalker’; item icon optimized; unique passive ‘Lightning’ name changed to ‘Typhoon’, and visual effect of its passive optimized; the item increases attack speed 30% (was 25%) and movement speed by 20 pts (was 8%).
【Blade of Destruction】
Name changed to ‘Berserker’s Fury’; item icon optimized; attributes adjusted to: +65 physical attack, +25% critical hit chance, unique attribute ‘+40% critical hit damage’.
【Concentrated Energy】
Added a new unique passive ‘Recharge’ to the item: restores 10% of HP for the hero after killing an enemy hero.
【Enchanted Talisman】
Removed the attribute ‘+30 mana regen’; unique passive ‘Mana Spring’ remade: restores 20% of max mana for the hero every 10 sec.
【Demon Wings】
Name changed to ‘Wings of the Apocalypse Queen’; unique passive ‘Demonize’ remade: increases physical and magic defense by 50 pts and lifesteal 10% when the hero’s HP drops below 40%.
【Saint’s Refuge】
Name changed to ‘Athena’s Shield’; item icon optimized; new attribute ‘+20 HP regen’; unique passive ‘Refuge’ description optimized: generates a shield to absorb damage every 30 sec. The amount the damage absorbed increases with game’s time length, up to 1150 pts.
【Raptor Machete】
Icon optimized; removed the attribute ‘+12% attack speed’; added a new attribute ‘+15% physical penetration’.
【Ice Force】
Name changed to ‘Corrosion Scythe’; item icon optimized; unique passive ‘Frost Strike’ name changed to ‘Corrosion’.
【Astral Wand】
Name changed to ‘Devil Tears’; unique passive ‘Starlight’ name changed to ‘Spellbreaker’; item icon optimized.
【Eternal Scepter】
Name changed to ‘Clock of Destiny’; item icon optimized
【Flame of Fury】
Name changed to ‘Glowing Wand’; item icon optimized
【Crazed Reaper】
Name changed to ‘Blade of the 7 Seas’; item icon optimized
【Tooth of Greed】
Name changed to ‘Haas’s Claws’; item icon optimized
【Nimble Blade】
Icon optimized
IV. Bug Repair
1. Fixed the error on the squad reward’s UI, now players can view it normally.


Irais G. says:

this is the worst patch ever (in my opinion)

*The new items looks awful. like the news are the olds. 🙁
*Miya looks extreamly skinny 🙁
*Leave Tigreal alone! stop doing reworks for him. Isnt necesary.
*Yun Zhao skin dont like me, but its ok!
*Yi Skin its great! the only good thing for me.

Icession says:

i agree with u moba the new look with tigreal looks weird xD bec. of hes hair xD he looks like a butler xD

Imran Muari 2 says:

how much is the yi sun shin skin will be?

wellington silva says:


Kenny Kurniawan says:

Noooo what did they do to Tigreal's hair… but good thing dark knight isnt changed tho

Rozaime 01 says:

moba king your build is the best build like if you all agree

rocka robloxgaming says:

They destroyed the best items whyyyyyyy

Galean Kea says:

Noooooo what did they do to Tigreal's beautiful hair

Bla Bla says:

short and detailed, i love your reviews!

Saf Cuayzon says:

Super Saiyan Yun Zhao

Benn Beckman says:

gg moskov no more s tier hero

Pang Ping Wei says:

well…long hair does not look better, and bad news for me, i just get know all the old item icon, and now they gonna change them, shet…

Ralph Joseph Cuello says:

ur bruno and balmond builds were perfect I need guides. new guides sadly the nerf items tho. 🙁

kubali TV says:

miya anorectic Now omg…i hate this update… Like me👍


no I'm first

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