Mobile Madness Promo Review – Nba Live Mobile

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Mobile Madness Promo Review ! Can we get 200 likes?

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Sheikh Rahman says:

Anyone have a league that is 95 or more percent to getting bo outlaw, scalabrine or madsen? I need a league to join. I'm an 89 overall. My name is lilafi05nba.

Aanan B. says:

reply you da best

TM _Z says:

Christian Laettner

Andre Nguyen says:


Champus #UberNation says:

join my league 'violet kingz' (Sacramento Kings logo)we only strive for achievements to complete LvL masters and Fan Fav Masters, we have no standards just have fun:))

The Simon Kid says:

i want the 92 j.j. redick thats all

xTrailHawk says:

Hey dHitman! I started to play Nba Live again. Sadly I forgot my password to my account so I have to restart. If you can post an coin making method that would be lit. Also a budget beasts video, if you can't it's alright

Joshua Chong says:

Just want to say Jeremy Lin was for Chinese New Year, not the All-Star Promo.

Spencer Barriss says:

Yo I'm a 90 overall franchise I'm very active I play everyday and I'm in need of a league that's grinding for the fan favorites. My name in da game suspense1011 so invite me

Orange Juice says:

how do I enter the giveaway

Francois Samuel says:

The only thing I see AE care about now is make a lot of money from the game

Michael Way says:

ya i agree I just grinded the live event and put the brackets into the graceful exit set and sold the gold player I made over 150k

TripDub says:

If anyone needs a league to join pls join mine. It is called tripledouble™. You must be a 85 OVERALL and u must be active.( I just started it today that is why we only have 2 members.) P.S I am a 91 overall

Aaron French says:

it was just wayyyy too expensive for me. i could have got the 94 Ewing, but that was it really. I stopped at the 92. The coin boost just isnt worth it tbh. And the fact there wasnt any way to grind it made it even more difficult as you said. And here alot of people including a few in my league built 3 or 4 of the 96 versions lol.

Henry Corey says:

this promo was actual cancer. it crushed the auction house and the masters arent even that good.

rong quan says:

Good job!!Keep going Bro.

MarzGaming says:

this promo was hard boring and you needed so much coins

Pekilla says:

It was so hard to get gold and elite players if you didn't buy NBA cash, it became easy only last few days

SavageNbaGamer says:

good video 2 videos in 1 day lets make it 3 lol

Patrick Brennan says:

do any of you know when the promo events end or if there r going to be any more events

Day Dsmith says:

Ea needs to do promos that dont involve alot of coins but instead more grinding

Aalif B says:

reply you da best

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